Hey, I'm Rachael, Mum to two girls living in beautiful sunny Devon by the sea!!

Me and my husband Scott are on a journey parenting and running two pubs in South Devon.

A bit about me

I love photography, the beach, reading & skincare. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist but since my FIL passed away me and my husband have taken over the running of the pubs.
We have two beautiful girls Sienna (6) and Olivia-Mae (2) they have such different characters and make our world even crazier than it already is and we wouldn't change it for the world!

My Top Reads

3 of my favourite books this year that are worthy of a recommendation.

Where The Crawdads Sing


I've chosen this book as my number 1 recommendation because i enjoyed it so much, it was one of those books you never want to finish but at the same time you can't wait to read how it ends.

A full review is on my feed, go over and show it some love ❤

I See You


Zoe, a married, Mum of two travels alone on the Tube to work everyday, although she's on a busy commute she can't help but shift that she is being watched, especially after finding a photo of herself in her local gazette for a seedy ad.
The police are involved as women who have also appeared in ads start to be murdered, Zoe begins to feel like she is going crazy and accuses people closest to her. She later realises that she was right to do so, although it isn't until the very end that there is another plot twist and the most unlikely person is the most dangerous person in Zoe's life.

The Family Upstairs


A wealthy family of 4 have their world turned upside down when another family move in with them, the house is overrun and the male of the other family becomes the man of the house setting harsh house rules in place, nobody is allowed to leave and nobody gets in for years.
Until one night, three of the children agree an escape plan that goes horribly wrong, ending in 3 deaths.

The book switches between different timelines and locations making it a really interesting read that had me gripped from the start.