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Riane Ashley E. Cardenas, known as Riane or Rae brings to the table 10 years of Strategic Planning, over 15 years of Customer and Client Relations, and roughly 5 years of Cash Handling/Management. Now she can add Life and Accident and Health Insurance Producer to her years of experience. With her heart to give power back to young hands and in alignment with Financial Intelligence. It is her hope and dream to teach young individuals what she wished she knew when she was Estate Planning for her grandparents, coming out of Financially abusive relationship and the traumas she has faced in her past.

Most of our young individuals are graduating high school and college without the necessary tools for their future. Tools that will provide them with power to control their lives without worry, fear, and frustration. Many of our young adults up to mid 30s and beyond are thrown challenges and responsibilities that are far beyond their comprehension. Riane remembered being scared while she embraced the journey ahead, an ambitious college student with a private school upbringing, and many blessings that have made its way into her credentials.

Financial Intelligence is privy to those who seek it out and are able to find the answers to their brewing questions, but it is up to professionals in the field to make it accessible to everyone.

Elevate Your Life. Elevate Your Money.

Simple Strategies to Expand Your Legacy!

Riane is apart of a mission driven brand, One Voyage. Bringing to you free financial strategy meetings and workshops, so you (and your communities) can elevate your life. Our mission is to bridge the widening gap of financial illiteracy within the marganilized and indigenous communities.

What makes us different?

We prioritize cultural understanding and familial values by bringing them to the forefront of our meets. Understanding that cultural obstacles and challenges during such conversations will arise, however by conversing on your fears we will be able to help find solutions that will fit you!

We know that financial strategies vary from person to person even those from the same household. Every financial strategy session will be about you, your fears and most importantly your goals.

Lastly, we want you to feel comfortable and heard. Voice your opinions, because we can't solidify a strategy without your input! You are the navigator of your own life, we are simply council.


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