get to know me♡

hii! my name is lida and my pronouns she/her ! and I’ve been in addison’s fandom for quite a while, my first fanpage of addison was called addisonglare, but it got banned, then I made an account called @vchanelraes, which is still up (feel free to search it up-) and I am british & norwegian! im currently 13 years old (yass age reveal) and yeah idk what else to put here lolz

my current tiktok!

tips for fanpages!

some fanpage tips u might not have known about!

1. Don’t like ur own video (you’ll probably get shadowbanned)

2. Make ur own hashtag of ur username, ex. “#addisonrefan123”

3. I recommend having a simple username and a short username, so it’s easier for others to find ur username, an example of a hard username is “@char.x.addisonfan124467”

4. Try to use trendy audios, because more people might go on ur profile often and you’ll get atleast some profile visits

5. Don’t attack or make fun of somebody’s idol, theme, coloring or literally just anything that makes them happy in general

6. This is optional, but try to post some help videos like coloring tuts or font packs etc

7. Try to make your own questions, if ur not able to, then u can use somebody elses questions, but remember to give credits

8. Don’t ask simple or boring questions, example is “what’s ur fav color” because a lot of people has probably already answered that question, and so they might scroll if they get asked it again/twice

coloring information

coloring info

so my coloring is by @jewrli, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to repost it, so just go to her page and try to find the coloring :) if you are struggling to find the dark honey qr code I’m going to put it on the next page !! Make sure to give credits to @jewrli when using her coloring!!

dark honey qr code

dark honey qr code

here’s the dark honey QR code for 24 fps! :)