Rafhanah Hussein

Welcome to my house of favs where I share all my recommended items from various shopping websites ✌🏻

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Hot Slimming Lotion

Try using this before your workout. My fats literally cried with actual tears and it burns! Also suitable if you want to firm up your loose skin.

Wooden Kitchen Playset

I bought this kitchen playset for my friends kid. Fits perefectly for his height and good quality too. Not to mention more affordable than ikea.


Another mixer recommendation. This one looks more like kitchenaid. Also it has add on function just like kitchenaid where you can make pasta and such. Initially I wanted this one but my kitchen is small and wont fit a 7l mixer. However it is definitely on my wishlist when i move to a bigger house.


The mixer that I am currently using. Its affordable, its pretty and it has 4 different types of whisk attachment which is very important if you want to make more than just cakes. Especially the speed control. It has the lowest speed so you can control the flour from getting all over the place. Also i like the fact that if i want an extra bowl i can add on like how kitchen aid does.

Thai Green Tea

My fav Thai Green Tea! Which reminds me I need to re-fill!

3 in 1 Coffee Machine

This coffee machine is so cool because you can either use a dulce gusto capsule, brew your own coffee or nespresso!

Electric Silicone Facial Cleanser

Don't waste your money on Foreo. This one works just as good. Best part is the wireless charger. Dulu I pakai yang kena charge using a USB and end up the charging point got damaged due to the water during cleansing. Plus I haven't had a chance to charge this yet and I have been using it for almost a year which shows it has excellent battery life.

Yoga Set

I bought this set so I can cycle at home. Yang penting dia matching! I am tall so the pants are above ankle length. I bought size L and I am 170cm tall / 52kg weight.

Airtight Container

I prefer buying this container because;
1. The shape is square so it fills the cabinet perfectly because if it is rounded you ended up wasting the in between spaces.
2. It is stackable and I can fill the space to its maximum capacity. Some container although you can stack but if it doesnt have the proper stacking lid dia akan cepat terjatuh.
3. It is plastic which is more durable because honestly I dont have time if it breaks or whatever.

Nightwear Lace Silk

I love wearing this for nightime. I bought L size and I am 170cm / 52kg.

Sports Bra

A body hugging sports bra. Though I removed the pad because it looks awkward on me. Other than that I thoroughly enjoy wearing it during my exercise.

Acrylic Condiment Jar

A kitchen must have. Since I love to cook I needed something that is easily accessible and look classy at the same time. This is perfect for my daily seasonings. I arrange it in a way i can easily remember as the saying goes "garam, gula, secukup rasa".

Digital Clock

I get a lot of ask about this clock. Please note that it operates using USB not battery operated.


I've been using this pillow for two years. Hands down best pillow than the one I bought at harvey norman. And that was 4x more expensive.


I love using this chopper to chop my garlic, onion, make salsa. Don't you just hate using the blender and it ended up as a smooth blend instead of being chopped? It is a time saver and money saver indeed!

Ceiling Light

I was looking for a new ceiling light that matches my current renters house ceiling light and found the exact same one to match. So affordable too!

Travel Bag Pouch

I love packing using this organizer for my luggage when travelling. Or else I keep on digging through the luggage to find what Im looking for. This way I can easily reach for the right bag without messing the whole luggage.


Love this tripod. It also has a remote that has bluetooth.