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These are my top picks for life and I live by it

Learn how to do things alone

Learn how to do things alone, could be studying or going to gym anything that you like even if you are not good at it, because if you do things alone even if your falling for the future you will not be afraid to do things alone and you will find what you like and what your patient about you will not depend on people and you will be brave and be what you want in life

Always love your surroundings and enjoy life with them

Always love and respect your surroundings, your family and friends, or your spouse especially God, put God first and everything will go perfect, and one thing, after you is always your people, ask how there's day is going tell them you love them, ask them if they need help in any way because you don't know how much time you got with them because life is just temporary so enjoy the best you can with them and pray for them 

Avoid Negativity

This is one thing in life that will impact, never give attention to negativity and say nothing and try to run away it will ruin your day, even if you try to change it to positive, just exist with positive vibes because it's good for you and mental health