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Sustainable Travel Kit

From bamboo utensils, recycled plastic bottle beach towel to a lightweight daypack + more, this kit can help reduce so much waste on your next trip!

5 min Gratitude Journal

Do you know some benefits of practicing daily gratitude are... better sleep, improved mental focus & thinking and feeling more positive emotions and happiness. Using this journal can have a profound impact on how you start and end your day.

*I include this for clients who sign up for coaching packages!*

Healthy Living Amazon Finds

Game changer mindset books, household items, supplements, travel gear and more!

*to minimize excess packaging and shipping try to find these items locally on marketplace, thrifting or local businesses!*

Travel Coach Program

If you are obsessed with travel and are struggling to find a career path that aligns with your passion and experiences, feel free to check out this program that teaches you everything that you need to know to go from just a traveler to a travel entrepreneur!

My Travel Credit Card

I use this card for ALL of my purchases to rack up miles and get my flights for free or extremely discounted.

I used to use Chase Sapphire Reserve (in my opinion the BEST travel benefit card on the market), unfortunately it came at a tragic cost because Chase (JP Morgan) is the biggest fossil fuel funder!

I now use Capital One who has been making an effort to support renewable energy and reforestation projects!

Sustainable Banking

There's a good chance your bank is using your money to fund oil projects that destroy the climate...

Aspiration or your local credit union could be more sustainable options for online savings, checking and investment accounts. Yay!

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