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this is about captions, bios, questions and colorings.
Cc: mharli/ color codes made by her- not the same design lol-
bio: coming soon!
yt: adorbsxmymy

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Question ideas!

you do not need to give credit for these-

•do you follow your followers back?
•what are you doing for thanksgiving?
•do you allow self support?
• do you believe things online?
•do you have enough followers to go live?
•how old will you be next year?
• do you think pineapples go on pizza?
•why do all the comments say “liked by creator?”
•do you celebrate thanksgiving?
•what is your least fav subject in school?
• who’s your favorite fan page?
• do you think you will hit your dream amount of followers?
• what’s your goal?
• do you own a real or fake Christmas tree?
• are you excited for Christmas?

That’s all for now! Next update: December 25th or earlier

Captions, bios

you don’t have to give credits!

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I know this isnt a lot but if you want specific one just comment on my recent vids >3

Color Codes

note• all these are from @mharli


High rated fps

here are some fan pages I recommend watching.


there’s a lot more— just can’t think 🤔
next update December 13th


you can download these all on dafont by searching “dafont.com” (it’s NOT a app so you have to search in google/safari.

When you get on dafont and look
For the search icon (scroll up and you’ll see) and the search what font you like and once it pops up click “download” and when it downloads click the little blue arrow or go to files and it brings you to ALL your files so search for it. (I’m pretty sure it’s in alphabetical order (not sure).
Fonts coming December 1rst
Stay tuned!! 🥶