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About Me! 😌😊

Here are some fun facts! 😉

Hi, My name is Ava and this is my business. I am 11 years old and turning 12 on October 11th! I started this business because I love arts and crafts and I love giving to others. I hope you enjoy all of my products! ⚡️✨
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My Top Picks! 😙

To buy a bracelet email me, on our TikTok bio 😏 but if you don’t have TikTok, my email is Alaldridge08@gmail.com

Recommendation #1

This is our classic rainbow fishtail bracelet⚡️

Recommendation #2

This is our glow in the dark rainbow bracelet.
Disclaimer: it’s glow but it’s not like glow sticks glow.

— prices and options —-

These our our products that we are currently selling! 😌

- custom bracelet

This bracelet is all youuuu. You can choose whatever style and type of bands you want.

- cotton candy fishtail

This is our cotton candy inspiration fishtail bracelet, I rlly enjoy the aesthetic of this bracelet.

Price: $2

- classic rainbow fishtail

This is our classic rainbow fishtail design. This is currently my favorite design and I have one myself.

Price: $2

- neon rainbow fishtail bracelet

This is our glow in the dark/ neon rainbow bracelet. I also have on of these for myself and I really like it. Also FYI, the bracelets don’t glow like a glow in the dark stick but when you look at it you can see the parts light up.

Price: $2