Art & Design Portfolio

By Raine Maylor

(Original on left recreation on right.)

(Original on right recreation on left.)

For these pieces of art I decided to recreate them using pencil to sketch the entire image. After that I went over the pencil in fine liner making the lines move visible. I then photo copied the outlines I just drew, and coloured the image using different inks and watercolours. Using inks and watercolours allowed me to paint over the lines, and because these materials are so thin, the lines would still show through. I photocopied the outlines before painting and used the photo copied version instead, because if I didn’t the ink and watercolours would cause the fine liner to bleed into the paint.

(Original on right recreation on left.)

With this project I chose a different artists work to recreate. Doing this helped me to see what techniques I liked, and helped to develop my own sense of style. This recreation consisted of watercolour paints along with HB, 2B, and 6B graphite pencils. Pencils were used for the outline of the person and their facial features, they were also used for the shading and creating the darker parts of their face. I used fine strokes with the pencils to try and create the same effect as the original. Water colours were used for the vibrant Yellow colour on their hood, cheek, and right eye then a dark blue colour on their left eye.

Observational close up.

Observational close up.

Observational close up.

Observational close up.

The first photo is a design I created using blue red and white acrylic paints I mixed the primary colours blue and red together to get a slight purple colour, and placed it on one side of the paper. I then placed more blue paint on the same side and some white paint on top and folded it which created an ink blot effect. I then scanned the picture I created into photoshop, and altered some of the attributes such as the colour of the background, and which way the picture was facing.

This was created using a fine liner pen, and a graphite HB pencil. I used the pencil to mark out the facial features and outlines, then went in with the fine liner using dots and lines to create shadows.

Here I was experimenting with different drawing styles and testing out different materials. This was done with pink and turquoise highlighter pens and a black fine liner.

This was created using a sheet of Lino that I simply drew on with a ball point pen, and carved out the outside part of the lines. I then used gauche and a paint roller to coat the entire piece of Lino, and firmly pressed it on to the page I washed the piece of Lino to clean it, and repeated the paint process but with black gouache and achieved the creation on the right.

Observational painting done with gouache paint.

I decided to experiment with different drawing styles on different facial features from different perspectives.

Fine liner and water colour experiments with a mirror effect on them. I simply drew the outline of the image and used the light box to get the the second side as symmetrical as possible. I then photo copied the out line, and used water colours to paint the hair, and used more fine liner to colour the lips. This created the second image.

Experiment using acrylic paint and a range of different sized brushes to produce it.

Final piece done by taking pieces of my experiments, and altering them in photoshop to give them the look that I desired. I pieced them together in photoshop adding different texts to the image, and using the skills I learned from experimenting to add effects to them. I used a B graphite pencil to create shadows and depth to the characters face, using the same technique I used on my recreational drawing Which was similar to a crosshatching technique. This project required me to recreate some of my experiments changing some of its features.

These are a few logo designs created for a educational company. I used adobe software to create these logos. Layering shapes and changing the stroke patterns, along with many other techniques.

The first picture is a screen shot of me experimenting with new skills on photoshop. I used my skills that I learned and created this poster with it. I took the images of 2 men on horses, and edited them on photoshop separating them from the background. This way I could place them under the second image of the person in the middle, which was also separated from their original background, I then used the same technique as I did on the bird picture to create this illustrated effect. Adobe illustrator and photoshop were used to create this image.

I created this image in photoshop using different shapes and pen tools. I also used different effects such as the glow effect on the objects and text I created.

A propaganda style poster created in photoshop. With this image I used other images from google, and turned them into objects using the magic wand tool to cut them out. I layered them to fit together correctly. To create the text I used the text box, altering some of the attributes to match with the theme of the poster, and change the direction the words we’re going in.

To create this image I got images of characters from google, and cut them out in photoshop using the magic wand tool. I placed them on a background and turned down the opacity to give it transparent effect.



This is my latest piece I drew a portrait of a young lady I decided to try out a new software and do this digitally rather than traditionally.

This is a design I did using the procreate app on my iPad. I used a range of different effects such as mirror and blur effects to achieve this.


Stop motion animation

This is a stop animation I produced using cut outs that I designed my self. Taking pictures everytime I moved the characters limbs. I used my phone and an app called TikTok to create my animation. I edited the video clips together using a software on my phone to make it look as if the character was moving, and to connect the scenes together. As this was during the first lock down I had limited access to equipment and had to make do with what I had at home. The backgrounds were images printed out from online.

Click here to view stop motion animation :)

Animation Work

Short animation clips created using Cinema 4D.

Click here view animations :)

This is a poster design I can up with for the singer FKA Twigs I wanted to show how