Rainey Evans Yake

Hello! Thank you for taking time to view my website. Resumes should be concise, but for anyone who might want more detail about mine, I have decided on a resume website. I will include more detail about my career as well as a few things that often come up in interviews but don't fit well on a typical resume or CV.

I have worked in some variation of customer service for nearly ten years at this point in time. I have worked across different specialties, though many of those are some type of retail. I am proud to say that I have developed a keen sense for establishing rapport with customers.

I consider myself to have good work ethic and am almost compulsively punctual. I am the type to always make suggestions and help out when I think there is a better or more efficient way to do something. I believe in communication and pride myself on being coachable. I strive to be accountable for my mistakes as well as my successes and will do my best to solve problems or fix mistakes as they arise.

I have always been an avid learner and have picked up various skills and interests in my free time that I believe have benefitted me professionally. These range from language and communication skills to computer skills. I have also found that a desire and enthusiasm for learning makes for more enjoyable and more efficient training in new job skills.


The next few cards will contain more detailed informaction regarding job history

Hilton Garden Inn-Starkville, MS

Night Audit

Duties include:

★Use of data entry skills for compiling required reports
★Performing simple calculations and verifying data accuracy
★Answering and routing phone calls as appropriate
★Guest service tasks such as making, altering, or cancelling reservations, checking guests in and out, and fulfilling guest requests
★Refilling the snack bar as necessary
★Minor cleaning and sanitizing of front desk area
★Inspection of hotel facilities as needed

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