Hey there!! I’m Jess


a wife to an amazing husband and momma to two wild kiddos

deeply rooted in faith + trusting in God’s perfect plan

seeking the truth in regards to whole, cleaning living for my family

+ working hard to keep my family healthy both physically and emotionally

I’ve been on a LONG journey of seeking the truth when it comes to our health, diet, and the products we allow in our home and on our bodies. It’s definitely a work in progress and I don’t have all the answers, but one thing I know for certain is that it’s my responsibility to myself and my family to dig deeper, do my research, and make the best choices I can.

The good news is we are our family’s GATEKEEPERs and WE have a choice to decide what we put on and into our bodies, and bring into our homes. I’d love to help you learn more about how to seek out what is best for you and your families!

~ if you’d like to join me on my wellness journey, please reach out via DM. I’d love to chat, help, and answer any questions you have!

Things to Get Oily

These are my top must haves to be able use my oils to the fullest

pretty roller bottles

basic roller bottles

bamboo roller bottles

spray bottles

Variety pack of all different sizes of spray bottles to use for making cleaning spray, room spray, hand sanitizer, hair mist, bug spray etc... also includes a few basic rollers 🙌🏻

glass foaming hand soap bottles

I use these to make my favorite hand soap with Castile Soap, Thieves Cleaning Concentrate, and any oils of my choosing. Recipe is in my Instagram highlights under Oily DIYs!

large glass pump bottles

Love these for laundry detergent, dish soap, and body wash

fractionated coconut oil

I used this as a carrier oil for all my rollers

jojoba oil

This one is great to use in skin care products. Good for all skin types.

witch hazel

Good for when you add oils to water — helps blend the two together. I used it for making room spray, hair mist, bug spray etc...

castile soap

classic, non-toxic soap that I use to make hand soap, body wash, and face wash.

oil and glass

awesome, easy to use resource for tons of diy inspiration, oil education, suggested oil resources, and dilution charts.

wool dryer balls

favorite for ditching those toxic dryer sheets

Mini Oil Sample Bottles

perfect for sharing your oils with friends and family

Mini Glass Jars

perfect for sharing samples of Thieves Household Cleaner with friends and family

Small Mason Jars

great for storing bath soak, lotions, and sugar scrubs!!