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December, 2021.

Hello there, Ralph here. If you’re reading this you probably want to know what a digital planner is, and how it will reduce your planning budget to almost cero dollars. You are in the right place because that’s what we are going to talk today.

Also in the lines below you’ll discover how is a digital planer different from planning apps, and traditional planners like binders, and you’ll even know if you need one and where to get it, prices, supported devices and how difficult is to transit from physical to digital.

Ok, I tell you a story

There was a time when super busy people used to plan their agenda in binder planners. They used to buy a binder, some pencils, pens, markers, maybe some patterned tape, stickers, posts it, eraser... you know this list can be really long... and that was expensive! 😰

They started to plan ahead and by a few days pen’s ink was over 😫, so they go for a new pen, and then red pencil was over and the organization system (which depended on red pencil to mark “important activities”) COLLAPSE!

It’s kind of frustrating I know, but that was past. Today people uses a lot of stationary alternatives without giving a penny away, and it never ends. How is that possible, what kind of magic is this? Well, my friend, I’m talking about digital planners ✨.

What is a digital planner?

A Digital Planner is a digital version of a paper planner. Yes, it is that simple.

Often people feel confused because there are more than one type of digital planners. The world is big and people invent new things every day, but when talking about digital planning, there are two main possibilities: some apps out there that allows you to plan, and designed interactive PDF.

What is the difference between interactive PDF and apps? You may ask, and the answer is the level of personalization, customization, freedom.

You’ll see, planner apps have a low to none freedom to create what you need, to express yourself the way you like. They proposes you a way to plan, if you like it you can use it, but if you would like to do something just a little bit different, well, you can’t. You can use what they give but you can’t change anything if you need it.

And frankly, for me, that's a most on planning because no matter what planning method others claim to be the one, you always need to have your own method.

That's why interactive pdf are winning.
People who is really in need of planning own these in every way you can possibly imagine. That means you can put whatever you want on that space, use it the way you want, add things or take some stuff out, and you can do it with the freedom of a physical planner but without limitations related to stock.

What I’m trying to say is that your pencils, eraser, stickers, paper and other, are not going to be over, never. You really don’t need to buy pencils, or markers, and nor even stickers, post its, erasers, clips or tape, and you are going to be able of use them still.

And it has other little goods, like never wait again for dropshipping since your get your digital stationary through instant downloads.

Where to find them and how much does it cost?

Of course there is people selling. But even when someone sells a digital planner, it's going to be a good purchase because it's a forever item. You just make a copy and save the original to make more copies in the future and you have, as I said, a reusable item.

The same for stickers and tapes, even if you buy some pretty cool pack that the designer is not giving for free, you can use it over and over. On the contrary physical planners and stickers are one time goods, you have to buy a new item every time the one you're using is over.

But what is awesome about digital stuff is you can find this things for free all over the internet. Yeah, I meant it when I said there is no need to buy.

Don't believe me? Actually I make a new digital stationary item every month as a gift for my email subscribers and they just get those on their inbox without doing anything else!

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What else can digital planners do for you?

So, basically digital planners save you money, planet resources and still guarantees the freedom of a physical planner. Pretty awesome, right?

There's more. Digital planners are usually hyperlinked, which save you time of internal navigation and makes the whole thing organized itself. This allows you to have a kind of buttons in your file that makes it seem like an app itself which is not bad at all, you can not deny evolution.
There's another thing a digital planner can do for you and that's keeping your privacy, because it's always on your device with or without internet and doesn't depend on apps owners where your information is located or who's watching, only you! This is important sometimes for people who doesn’t have an internet connection all the time, and those who work with sensitive information.

Where digital planners came from?

Digital planner came popular with digital pens. When companies like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft started creating this gadgets they thought on drawing and note taking, so digital stationary came right behind with brushes, stickers, notebooks, and planners of all kinds.

Eventually it became popular even in those devices doesn't support pens, like most Android phones and iPhone.
This items can be used in any device, phone, PC or tablet. They are more popular on iPad users, but Surface, Samsung Tabs and Samsung Notes users are enjoying this as well, and even those who doesn't work with a pen, like other cell models, use them.
Digital planners can be used on pdf annotation apps like Goodnotes, NoteShelf, ReMarkable, OneNote, Notability and others, even can be use in iOS and Samsung phones and tablets with the native annotation tool.

They are usually for sale in platforms like Etsy, Amazon or independent stores all over the internet.

Digital businesses use to sell these in prices from a few cents to 30 dollars, but this numbers can vary depending on how much work was involved on making the product, exclusivity and other things. Many digital stationary items are just given for free, as I said before.

This new use of technology is also used to journal, scrapbooking, note taking, drawing and much more, so definitely something fits you. If you ask me I do love scrapbooking ❤️.

There's no doubt it is a grate experience of free creation, to have no limits on resources, as it's even to stay calm while one beautiful planner or notebook makes it way to you every month, and give it a try doesn't affect your budget, so why don't you try something new?

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Especially this features are for you if:

1. You're crazy about planning and never stay too long in one place because you get bored of static and always want to try new methods of organization or new workplaces
2. You have your own system and have never had the place to apply it entirely
3. You are on a budget and still have to take notes and want to make it your own style without buying a lot of stationary
4. You are conscientious about the damage creating physical stationary makes for the environment
5. Want to have a huge planner which fits your purses and doesn't bother you because of its weight
6. Trying digital drawing on a budget
7. Are worried because of your privacy on certain notes like journaling, vision boards, or other sensitive content
8. You just like digital stationary
9. Want to try new things without a lot of drama involved

If number nine is your case, remember my monthly gift box always includes brand new digital stationary, including notebooks, stickers, guided journal and planners, and you can suscribe here.

Thanks for reading this large piece of digital paper, you are an awesome person and you deserve to have a good day 👏


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Christmas, 2021.

Are you happy with your life? Are all your wishes and life expectations acomplished right now? Many people I know are always sad, frustrated and in a moment of their life they don´t appreciate. Some of them believes happiness is something that only fiction characters can find, and others think happiness is getting to them next month, next year, when they get to work on different jobs, when they get to marry some person, or when they have money. That part of the group has a “life in hold” syndrome.

The actual fact they are not happy right now is a matter of expectations.

We´ll talk about the construction of happiness, and how is that making you sad right now also, I´ll give you tools you can use for yourself so you can get there to that quiet and calm place we call happiness, quicly.

Happiness is a construction.

Without us noticing, many times other people tell us what will make us happy, setting the bar so high that it is unreachable. This happens because they give us images of them making us understand they are happy with things that we haven't had, or living experiences we haven't lived. But how do we know we'll feel the same as them, that we'll be happy with these things and experiences?

Who makes the definition of Happy?

Is that you? You're on social media, on tv, on news, you're at work, school or other places where there's always someone telling you what is good or bad, what you're going to enjoy or don't.

You think you do decide what is grate. Think of how did you know what that cool cell phone was going to make you feel, what about that important position at work, or that vacation time on this exclusive hotel. They told you!

They said it was cool, important or exclusive and even that those were going to make you happy. You don't have a way to know this values if you're not told, because you have never seen this phone before, you never had that responsibility before and never heard about that hotel. Now you wish you have this things or happiness can't exist.

First of all you don't know if they are feeling what they say, and most important you can't say you're going to feel it.

Think about this. People from other centuries didn't have these things you claim as needed, do you think they couldn't achieve happiness? Of course they could, and that's because happiness is not a thing or an experience on concrete.

Sociologists says happiness can be measure with parameters like feeling like you are living the life you wanted, that the conditions of your life are good, that you have accomplished (or will accomplish) what you want in life, feeling satisfied with your life, feeling positive more than negative.

But, how do you determine what life you want to live, what life conditions are good, what do you want in life, what fulfills you and what experiences are good.

That's what happiness is.

Happiness is an emotional state. It's known as the feel of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. It is described as life satisfaction and a perpetual mood of positive emotions.

Psychologists and other social scientists typically use the term 'subjective well-being' when they talk about this emotional state. It's focus on an individual's overall personal feelings about their life in the present.

Everyone experiences both positive and negative emotions, feelings, and moods. Happiness is generally linked to experiencing more positive feelings than negative. Life satisfaction, on the other hand, relates to how satisfied you feel with different areas of your life including your relationships, work, achievements, and other things that you consider important.

Happy people still feel the whole range of human emotions—anger, frustrastion, boredom, loneliness, and even sadness—from time to time. But they know this will pass.

And hey, to be honest we need some drama as well, because emotions are part of life and everyone wants to experience as many things as they can. Historical characters you like the most passed through difficulties and that's part of their story today.

So, what do you need to be happy?

Be specific about your expectations. Imagine someone coming and asking you how much money do you want for that thing you’re selling, you answer "I want more". It seem silly because you need to be specific in your answer for this person. That's the way you answer yourself every time that the inner conversation is about happiness, you want more.

Since you'll never going to get anywhere with the "more goal", set down what's enough. Break the concept of happiness in a specific and measurable element.

Now, about planning, remembering to add dates and specific actions will get you there sooner.

On the other hand it's fine to give up in a plan it's no longer relevant to us because we've evolve and our needs and desires are not longer the same. That's ok too.

You need to understand social media has an impact on social comparative anxiety. You scroll and scroll and you can find only expensive gifts, people laughing and goin to vacations, or having amazing bodies and, even when you certainly know this people is just showing the best of them and maybe not all of these is true, your mind starts to feel anxiety about this perfect lifes while yours is not that perfect. Be aware of this trap.

The only need is you to create your desirable state.

"Yeah, I've done that, I want a car and I don't have it blabla"

Yes that's the trap, you need to settle what happiness is for you as emotional state. Not as a goal in life or that thing you want to own. Tell how do you want to feel, and then you're going to be able to understand if you feel already that way, or not and why.

If your state of happiness is the feel of self fulfilling, you do enjoy calm and peace, not noisy places or bunches of people around you, what's missing? Maybe nothing. You don't need that car, that phone, that vacation trip, only to recognize and maintain your reality.

That doesn't mean you're not going to enjoy new things, but you are not going to be obsessed or putting your mood to depend on that. Also if you're far from your ideal emotional state you'll see cristal clear what do you need to get there, and please enjoy that process, it's part of life.

Discover what is your happiness construction. What's your identity. You can pick some random self discovery prompts, they're all over the internet but, if you want, you can use a self discovery digital journal of 30 days, I've created for this Christmas season. Of course is free, just write your email below and I'll send it there.

30 days self discovery journal Christmas 2021

As a final thought, remember to watch yourself as an animal sometimes, I've found this really clarifying when I need to understand some actions of myself or my relatives ones. People is not always that intentional. Try to be more present and less in autopilot, you'll find many blessings you weren't aware until now.

Don't forget your free download, to start clarifying your identity, and getting your goals on review today.

See you soon 🙋🏻‍♀️,


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