Keepin it real af

Hair expert

Yo! I’m Randi from Texas to Colorado!

⚡️I’m a retired hair dresser of 14 years and many fancy brands. I’ve seen it all and done it all in the hair world and this mama just wants to raise her babies now and be free from corporate America.⚡️ (and back pain, arthritis, ugly veins etc)

I now run a haircare company from home and have the time freedom I always dreamed of!

⚡️I’m obsessed with people and making a difference in their lives by giving them this gift so I will NEVER stop sharing⚡️

Did I mention all you need is WiFi and a brain? 😂 for real. This is the future.
The work is simple. It works, and I wouldn’t trade it for a damn thing.

Always looking for girls who are ready to change their life and make an impact 🥂💕⚡️

So tell me about the business... I’m interested

“I’m busy, I’m broke, I’m afraid of judgement.” Girl i got YOU

The business is simple.

Do you have WiFi?
Do you need more time freedom?
Financial freedom?
Could you use some bad ass friends?
Wanna go on free trips?
Drive a paid for caddilac?

Ok then ⚡️⚡️⚡️

we do two things.
We sell products and we bring on business partners.
We aren’t salesmen and no we don’t go door to door 😂
This is social selling and we do it through attraction marketing. Anyone can learn this and we give you all the tools.

⚡️You pick out your products, you get a free website and we mentor you all the way to the top!⚡️

Don’t let fear hold you back, this is life changing and anyone can do this⚡️

Send me a dm if you want to change your life girl ... I’ll be waiting! 🥂

Watch this video!

This explains a bit about the opportunity ›