Raniera is the name.. Freedom is the game ✈️

“In order to succeed, your desire for SUCCESS must be GREATER than your FEAR of FAILURE”

About me:

I am a 22 year old young Māori male from a small town in New Zealand called Ngaruawahia. Since high school I have bounced around from job to job trying to find myself which has led me to moving to the Gold Coast in Australia where I work full time as a support worker

My dream is to create freedom for myself, freedom for my family and to be able to create generational wealth so that the generations after me are looked after when my time passes. My dream is to create my own reality with my own rules and to be my own boss.

Why I’m here (online showing others how to make an online income)

I’m here because I know I’m meant for more, I’d constantly dwell daily on what my dream life would be like and how/what I’d need to do to get there and with the growth of the internet and online space I have finally found a platform in The Freedom Era which can allow me to achieve this dream!!!

I’m wanting to bring a realness to the people about who I am as i use my personal brand to show that no matter your background, upbringing, gender or religious beliefs you can go out there and create the life you deserve. I want to create a positive for people to feel inspired in wanting to chase there own goals 🙌🏽

I’m wanting to help those who feel stuck, those who know they are meant for more and are trying to find a way out of the rat race. By me putting myself out there and grinding everyday I hope o can one day take this back to my people and show them that mainstream is not the only way anymore

If your wanting to start your journey while leveraging the online space then check out the links below if you feel like this is for you 🙌🏽