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People don’t follow businesses, they follow people.

When people understand who you are, they want to follow your brand, your business — they want to buy your product.

The Brand Thumbprint helps you -
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> Outline your vision
> Clarify your strategy

Need some confidence to accelerate your value in the marketplace?

“Designing an effective business starts with designing your focus. What you give your time to will ultimately dictate the trajectory of your enterprise.” - Wendell Moon

+Brand Architect

Meet the Founder & Chief Eyebrow Raiser of Rattle The Lamp - Wendell Moon has been building brand experiences & businesses for over 15 years.

As a coach & consultant, Wendell has served over 10,000 leaders in over 7 countries.

His portfolio includes: Lenovo, Discovery, O’Charley’s, Red Hat, Coca-Cola, Nascar, and Netflix.

Where did Rattle The Lamp come from?

Change the perspective, create more value.

No, it’s not a reference to Pixar. However, we do admire them for their unmatched storytelling prowess.

The name is derived from a term that was coined during the production of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

There’s one particular scene in which the 2 unlikely duo protagonists, Roger Rabbit and Detective Valiant are handcuffed - they rush to a safe room for a hand saw. At several points, the detective hits his head on the lamp causing the lamp to swing all around the room casting shadows.

This was extremely difficult and challenging for the animators which produced the term “bumping the lamp.”

Sooo…. What’s the point?

By the detective hitting his head on the lamp this created a more interesting scene experience, allowing the audience to see more of the details of the room — connecting 2 distant worlds together with a few frames.

Bumping the lamp — not just a clear creative direction but a philosophy that transcends filmmaking and motion pictures compelling us to innovate and reach for the stars.

While we are obsessed with this idea, we didn’t want to be “on the nose” with the name so we found a replacement for bumping - insert rattle.

Rattle The Lamp exists to empower business leaders to accelerate their value in the marketplace through story, vision, and strategy.

It’s your time to stand out - are you ready to make a move?