You Platter To Me

Supplying Townsvillians and beyond with gourmet, loaded platters & keepsake, wood-burned boards. Show those you love how much you care about them.

It feels good to show loved ones in your life how much they matter to you. Why not do it with a platter, a personalised wood-burned board to keep, or even BOTH?

As a busy Mum, I completely understand that showing your loved ones you care can either be a well thought out, careful process or a last minute job. We are here to give you the option for both.

Get in touch for a custom order, or choose from our signature Platter options for those last minute orders. Every wood-burned platter board is sanded, wood-burned by hand and oiled using kitchen safe oil. They can then be loaded with the food of your choice or ordered on their own. If a keepsake isn't what you're after, the loaded platter option is just as special!

The Signature 'You Platter to Me' Platter

A platter for 3-4 people, loaded with a perfect mix of sweet and savoury goodness.

Platter - $120
Platter on wood-burned board option - $150

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I am huge on zero waste, which is why our platters only come on boards you can keep or reuse, and are only covered by bioderadable materials. We also get creative with our dip and olive bowls, using items like coconuts and capsicums to keep them from going everywhere! You can be sure that you won't see plastic anywhere on my platters, we care about the environment and our products will always remain eco friendly.

I will always make sure your platter looks beautiful - I have been making platters for friends and family for years and I know that anyone can chuck some crackers and dips on a board. I value perfectly positioned and presented food resulting in an aesthetically pleasing platter that no one can resist! It's also hugely important to me to choose foods that compliment each other, without just throwing on heaps of different products for the sake of it.

I am ALWAYS open to your ideas and needs. In fact, I love it when clients share their vision!

My favourite thing about platters is that they suit all types of eaters. My husband is the fussiest eater I've ever known, yet he is always full after any kind of platter I make! But please, always let me know if there are any allergies, intolerances or just complete dislikes I should be aware of!