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Your dream is more powerful than your excuse

Hi!! Welcome to my page 🖤 My name is Reghan Amoroso but most people call me Ray! I am 21 years old and just graduated from St John Fisher College in New York. I played field hockey there all four years and absolutely love the feeling of working out. I am trying to revolve my life around being as creative as I can whether that is through art, school, and or work! I am aspiring to be a wedding planner but at the same time I have chosen to put my efforts into becoming a Market Partner with Monat ✨

Monat is an all natural and vegan beauty product company that changes people’s lives and that is one of the main reasons why I wanted to get involved🌟 I needed to find a new passion. My passion has always been field hockey and now that I graduated it is hard to access that. With Monat, I am able to put all my energy into this new passion and drive it even further than the last. I needed to put my energy into something new as my life was transitioning. It has helped me with my own hair journey and I want to share my success with others! Ask yourself “Why settle for anything less than you deserve?” because YOU deserve nothing but the BEST. Never forget that 💕

I am so thankful for what this company has done for me. It gave me an amazing group of girls who work together as a team to spread awareness of products that are actually good for you. It also gives me products that WORK and gives me the experience of what it is like in the business world. What more could you ask for?

Follow me! I’ll take you by the hand and give you an opportunity you will not want to turn down. Whether that is finding the perfect products or starting your own business with Monat 💥

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Let’s Compare

Other Brands vs. Monat

Look at that difference!! This is no joke, Monat is better and worth the money.

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Skin Care

Be Gentle & Be Balanced

This skin care is NO JOKE. I personally am so picky when it comes to skin care and it is hard to find something that works well with my skin. These products have made my skin feel amazing within the first use. EVERYONE should be trying these wonderful products. 💕

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Want to get discounts on all of the products you buy? VIP is perfect for you! Everything included in the picture is what you get when signing up for VIP 🤩

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Market Partner

Get out of your comfort zone and join my amazing team!! Sign up to be a Market Partner with me today and get your business going! People just like you are out there right now getting everything in this picture, so why not you? Take my hand and let’s do this together! 💕

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Aren’t sure if you want to do the flex ship and don’t want to commit just yet? Buy a couple of products to test the waters and get you hooked 🌸 Monat does a 30 day money back guarantee. What other companies do you know that actually do that with beauty products!

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