You were made for more

Hey friends! I’m Raya!

I’m a wife, mama, and we have our own little herd of beef cattle! Four years ago I was living paycheck to paycheck putting so much on credit cards. I was working full time as a Social Worker and realized there wasn’t much more room for growth in my career. I felt stuck, but knew I didn’t want to go pick up a second job in the evenings or on the weekends for extra income. I was praying for another way!

I came across a girl posting on Instagram about how she was living a life of freedom working from her phone & social media at home with her little girls. I was skeptical, but intrigued! We were engaged at the time and wedding expenses were also piling up. I told myself nothing changes if nothing changes, so I took a leap of faith. I jumped in and haven’t looked back! I quickly saw how this opportunity was changing so many lives and knew that would be us too one day. Within six months, I matched my Social Work income and two months later left the field. I’ve been working from home full time ever since and get to decide what my days look like! We’ve been able to pay towards our debt, give back, travel, and now are dreaming bigger than ever plus I won’t ever have to miss a moment with our babies!

Fill out my influencer application & let’s see if this could be the solution to change your life too!