About Me!

Hi hi!!

My name is Ray, and I'm currently 17 years old. I turn 18 this June! I live in Montana, but I grew up in Tennessee. I have an absolutely amazing boyfriend named Tony who lives in Oregon. I work part time and go to school full time.

I play guitar, ukulele, a little bit of piano, and have been in choir for 9 years! I'm an atheist, pansexual, genderfluid and polyamorous! I go by she/her, they/them, and/or he/him pronouns, depending on the day.

I am an age regressor and pet regressor, as well as a caregiver! I would say the split is usually 80-85% pet/little and 15-20% caregiver. I pet regress to a puppy mostly (wolf-dog hybrid), and occasionally I'll regress to a kitten or bunny space.

AgeRe and PetRe

My life with regression

With my regression, I have certain types of headspaces I fall into. When age regressing, I typically go to around ages 1-5, and for pet regressing, I typically fall into Puppy space. Here are the basics for my regression headspaces:

"Baby Girl"
- She/her
- Usually verbal, but still quiet and shy
- Giggly, playful, cuddly

- He/him or they/them
- Nonverbal
- Curious, but extremely shy, likes to play with CG, sensitive and nervous

- She/her
- Nonverbal
- Very quiet, cuddly, sleepy

- She/her
- Verbal
- Very bratty, teasing, talkative, older headspace

- He/him or she/her
- Nonverbal/pet noises
- Cuddly, slightly playful, whiny, eager to please, shy