Hi!! I'm Ralyn!!

Everyone has a story to tell the world!!

I had a very hard childhood. I was raised by my stepdadsmother and never had the relationship with my mother or my moms side of the family till I was a lot older. It 2asnt until I got pregnant with my daughter that I really grew close with my mother. At the time she was my only support system

I had my daughter young at 20 and for those of you who've had their daughters younger, you are extremely brave. Having her made me realize that I had to try hard to make a life for us. As a single mom I worked hard to get to the life I have now

I met my fiance in Feb of 2020 and a year later found out I was pregnant with my son. And I knew right then I wanted to be able to be home withmy babies. I wanted to give them the life I never had...

Now because of this company I have all of the opportunities to make my family's life better and then some. It gives me financial and grocery freedom. It gives me weekly paychecks that allow me to support my family.

Because of this business I'm slowly getting out of debt and creating better lives for both of my children!!!

"Don't let fear control you" at first I was scared to start this business but I said NO to FEAR and YES to CREATING OPPORTUNITIES not only for my family, but for other families and people as well!!