Robertson County Animal Shelter and Nonprofit Organization Purple Paws

“saving innocent lives day by day, one paw at a time..”

Purple Paws is a Nonprofit Organization that collects, provides, and distributes donations of items such as beds, blankets, treats, toys, or anything an animal may need during their temporary stay at their shelter, rescue, or foster home.

Located in Mount Olivet, Kentucky

786 Brierly Ridge Road • Robertson County Animal Shelter

Purple Paws is the Nonprofit Organization that is ran alongside the Robertson County Animal Shelter.
2 Amazing Organizations under one roof!

Our pens and kennels are updated daily!!

“Dog Suites”

Beds, Mats, Furniture, and More are added to the shelter daily to make it more of a home environment for each of the animals.

We had so many generous donations to make this the Dog Hotel I’ve always dreamt of having!

Adoptables !!!

All dogs pictured are up and available for adoption !

Updated weekly, our adoptables list continues to grow.
Please consider adopting, rescuing, or fostering an animal in need!

The Office

P.S. The Office doubles as a Nursery when needed!

With donated furniture, the office is more of a bedroom with a desk at this point!

From stealing all of the cuddles, one dog at a time, to helping a sweet mother in need, this room is very special to the staff and I.


Purple Paws and RCAS run off of donations.

Without donations from my Miss US Pageantry Family, various businesses, and support from others, neither one of these organizations would be able to save and change as many lives.

Purple Paws Wishlist

Miss Purple Paws Benefit Pageant 2021

Miss US Pageantry Kentucky State Prelim

National Qualifying State Preliminary Pageant

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