hi My name is Munirah i am the creater of Reading Adventure. Reading Adventure is a book club for kids 11-6 please let me know if you would like for your kid/kids to join

this book club will be very good for your kids it will allow them to see the world in a whole other point of view

this book club will be fun and will teach your kids how to love reading at the same time. Not only will your kid love the club but they will also make friends they wil have fun,learn to love reading, and make friends at the same time! so i hope this dose peek your intrest and your kids/kid.


If needed here is my logo. I will try to make shirts for the kids in the club with there name and an emoji of there choice on the back


here is my card for parents i will get these cards printed to give to people who ask


Hi my name is Munirah the creater and founder of Reading Adventure. This REading ADventure is a book club. In the book club we will talk about diffrent types of books and get kids to love books. Your kid will also make friends and grow to love reading! In the club i will be taking kids 11-6 and we will meet up every saterday. I will make sure the kids have an amazing time and fall in love with reading.

this book club will inspire your kid to read more and will allow them to undertand the inportance of readiing.

if you would like your kid to join please contact me and i will send the details of pirzes and what the kids/kid may need