O hey Siren, this is Meg

I specialize in supporting Coaches, consultants, and healers who are highly sensitive/intuitive and also highly ambitious - with a big appetite for adventurous living and for serving.

I founded the Siren Entrepreneurship Method as a platform designed to springboard you from confused/burnout/unfulfilled to Thriving quickly - through embodiment, clarity, bold f*ckin action, accountability and sisterhood

S.I.R.E.N. Entrepreneurship

Sovereign - making a bold impact as a Sovereign leader through your Zone of Genius + Fiery Purpose 🚀

Irresistible - infusing more YOU into your brand to magnetize dream clients 🧲

Rich - embodying your Worthiest/Wealthiest Self💰

Embodied - leading with wild divine feminine intuition not spinning in your head 💃🏻

Nourished - Filling your own cup (with adventure, self care, creativity, not burnout)😎

I’m here to help you land your Big Dreamy Visions here on Earth in a way that feels DOABLE (not overwhelming) and NATURAL to your strengths. This way you can show up, shine, standout, and magnetize a full league of Dream Clients and still have the freedom to enjoy all yummy things life has to offer outside of being an Impacter.

We’re gonna shed the Imposters Syndrome, get you embodied in your most Confident Self, get your Self Care game on lock and plug you into the easiest most freedom-filled Biz strategies that work FOR YOU - so you can vibe at your highest loudest most authentic vibration, connect with your Matched clients, serve, and be fully compen$ated.

My intuition, my energy and my ability to organize and inspire are my superpowers. I leverage them to uplevel your belief of what you see is possible in your life, and to organize and hold you accountable to plans of action.

Its about being a High Value Woman who does LESS WORK, more Powerfully and Pleasurably and that inevitably creates more clients and more Profit.
Online Biz gets to be sexy not stressy ;)

DM me and tell me what you’re selling. I seriously get a lady boner hearing how you’re changing the world & helping you show up powerfully to book Dream Clients & make Bank. And if you need support prepping for your upcoming Launch - let me know - I do Magnetic Launch Method intensives so you can Shine like Shakira at the SuperBowl.

About me...

I love… 
Bringing people together
Organizing Big Visions so they happen
Using analogies to simplify stuff
Infusing my belief in your capabilities
Dancing (Brazilian Zouk & Heels)
Those true golden friendships
World Traveling (30+ countries)
Going to Burning Man
Making tacos
Windy Beaches
Nerding out on Personal/Business growth
Reading my brother’s poetry @beerandcabfare
Animal Planet
Sober living
Not working in corporate anymore
And hiking and biking in the Sunshine