Reanah's Art

Reanah Leah S. Cadac is an artist from Science City of Muñoz Nueva Ecija. She finished a degree of Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness at Central Luzon State University.
She's a traditional artist.
She loves making portraits using watercolour, graphite and charcoal pencil. The subject she mostly use for her works are photos of confidently beautiful men and women showing off their flaws like acne, darkspots, marks, blemishes and more, which is for her it tears down all insecurities and teaches us to love our self with our beautiful scars.
Reanah also loves writing where in she incorporated some literary pieces in her works.
As a Christian she is using her works to show Gods love to people, to give them a positive Spirit and motivate them to keep moving amidst all the negativities in life.

Created to Create

The world is her widest canvass where she can mess up and make a masterpiece at the same time.

Grandmother from Ifugao (Credit to the Reference photo I've used).

Her beauty last forever as she keeps smiling.


Charcoal and Graphite portrait

This year of 2020 especially when the pandemic Covid-19 started, I was so eager to atleast do something for my self and that is to improve more as an artist so I've decided to join art page competitions.
I've seen this portrait of a child entitled "dungaw" on a fb page and caught my attention, it gives me a flashback of my old self trying to build walls that i thought would save me from any harm (physically, mentally and emotionally). But, I didn't notice I was already starving my self of love and attention that lead me to self pity.
Sometimes the barrier we build are not the one that would help us as a person. Most of the time, it ruins our relationship with others. It makes us distant from people we love and those who love us.
I felt like I am looking in the mirror whenever I am looking at this portrait, which makes it more special for it tells me a story.

(Credits to the owner of the reference photo)