Let’s get familiar!

First off! How are you today?? If today sucks, just remember...this too shall pass! It your day is amazing, please continue to keep it awesome by getting yourself a latte! ;)

Ok, back to business! I am currently a NEW momma! I know! Crazy! I’m 38 years old and I never thought the day would come haha. But prayer changes things! I am happily married to my husband Eli and have a baby on the way!

I am a musician, song writer, YouTuber, and beauty/health connoisseur! I help woman achieve better hair and skin the healthy way!

I love food and sharing my recipes online with you. (Let’s be honest), it’s all Pinterest’s fault haha. I help woman build their dream lives, love themselves first and build their FREEDOM lifestyles. I first came into the business by learning what it does through my sister. Her hair was gorgeous and I wanted in! I saw transformations happing left and right and was shook! I needed that on my hair! So after falling madly in love with my products and the business I started to share it! I keep it pretty real and I love to share my life with other! I mean, it’s pretty fun to do what I do, so it’s kinda my pleasure to share it!

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