Plot List

do not ask me what this because i do not know

if you’ve seen this before, no you haven’t 🙃🖤

general (can be done repeatedly)

01. hey i found your lost pet and ━ oh, i can’t say you’re cuter than this animal but you’re pretty close

02. sorry that text was meant for someone else but hi there who are you

03. you’re one of those strangers who randomly talks to people in line ?? why??

04. the only two people in the movie theater

05. you’re sitting in the booth i always sit in but you refuse to leave and i refuse to let you have it so we end up sharing a booth

06. i sent an embarrassing selca to the wrong number and you responded back with another selca

07. i’ve had a really awful day so i started kicking a car out of frustration and it turned out to be your car, i’m so sorry

au perhaps?

01. you just moved in next door and asked for some help with the boxes

02. you are a terrible flirt and an even worse barista but hey you’re kinda cute wanna hang out and be losers together?

03. you were writing fanfiction in the library and I correct your spelling mistakes

04. i’m locked out of my room, please let me sleep in yours, kind stranger

05. there’s no money on your meal card, I have cash and a vivid memory of you publicly correcting me in class the other day

06. this is the best party i’ve ever been to, what’s in these brownies anyway?

nsfw (barely)

01. we’ve been friends for years and i’ve never thought of you as anything other than platonic, but i came across your only fans account and now i can’t stop watching your videos

02. so i really like this girl/guy but they’re really experienced both sexually and romantically and i’m just an innocent little flower so can you like, idk, teach me some stuff??