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entertainment journalist, podcast producer, & content creator prioritizing black women.

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself. My Name is Kiana, Ki to the A-N-A.

"I have been an avid lover of all-things music & culture with an immense passion for Black womanhood since adolescence. Through my work as an entertainment reporter and digital content creator, I use my skills in social media management and digital media to attract open-minded young people committed to personal growth and purpose. I encourage them, and you, to listen to Black women." — Kiana Stevenson

Kiana Stevenson is an entertainment journalist, content creator, and podcast producer from Jacksonville, FL, but currently based in Atlanta, GA. While the bulk of her bylines come from ‘Industry News Magazine’, Stevenson launched ‘Listen To Black Women’ in January of 2020 to showcase the true essence of Black womanhood and broadcast the beauty of Black culture through cultural commentary. It has grown into a multi-media platform with social media content on Instagram at @Listen2BlackWomen, editorials on, and podcast episodes on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. As the Social Media Director for Her Campus at Clark Atlanta University, Stevenson has grown the organization’s online presence through digital campaigns and daily scheduled content on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok at @HerCampusCAU. In addition, Stevenson curated promotional graphics for events by Clark Atlanta University’s Mass Media Arts Department in partnership with Viacom, Cyntoia Brown Camp, and Lionsgate. She hopes to use her creative talent to capture Black culture and propel the movement forward as a member of the next generation of game-changers.



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As the sole contributor, all graphics are created, planned, and posted by me. Any credit to outside sources is given.

How Much Better Would the World be if You Just Listened to Black Women?!

Black women are the most influential group of all yet the most silenced at the hands of patriarchy and privilege. The emergence of movements such as “Black Girl Magic” in the 2010s are only small examples of the latest power and confidence exuded from Black Women. My earliest memories of beauty-shop talk at 12-13 opened my eyes to necessary discussions on sex, love, relationships, and what it means to be a Black woman. I believe it is pertinent that Black womanhood is given the platform to shine in all of its glory.

Listen to Black Women is just that. I will not stop until Black women are given everything we have been robbed of. We are multi-faceted, we are deserving, and we are here.

Words of Encouragement ✨

a message for anyone who needs to be reminded of how much they are loved & valued. not only does your life matter, your joy is essential. take care of yourself, give yourself grace & compassion, and stay up. 🙏🏾

Community > Capital 🫂

breonna taylor is a black woman whose future was taken from her by jonathan mattingly, brett hankinson, and myles cosgrove – 3 officers from who have escaped prosecution thanks to kentucky general @danieljaycameron’s lack of... everything. THAT is the message that is, and should remain, at the forefront. broadcast that on your timelines & stories to spread awareness, not viral memes.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Bitch Media 🙌🏽

for @bitchmedia’s 90th issue, @tlynnfaz imposes a series of questions that will challenge you to actualize loving and protecting Black women, and build the framework around what putting that into practice actually means. be sure to follow tatyana and support her works!

Black Girl Banter 🎙️

@originalmiadiamond spoke about her battles with overworking to fit into societal norms of achievement and “black excellence” on social media. Listen to the latest episode of BGB NOW! 🔗 Use the link in our bio and let us know what your thoughts are on hustle culture. 🤔