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2 Top Breakfast Must Try in Ngalang

If you get confused and bored about what do you want for breakfast in this morning , i'll reccomend you some delicious breakfast you should try in Ngalang

Wanna some foods which will boost up your energy on the morning?
You should try,

1. Bubur Ayam Neng Indri

Open 06.00-08.00 ±
at Jalan Baru Plasari

Hot porridge, with shredded chicken, sliced fresh leek, savory yellow chicken broth, and sprinkling of fried soy nuts. It's the best combination ever. You can add some side dish like crackers, rice roll, and satays. You can added some sambal and sweet soy sauce too, to make a rich taste chicken porridge.
With Rp. 5000.- you can grab one bowl of chicken porridge in Bubur Ayam Neng Indri. It's included with some condiments too. Not only chicken porridge, they sell Tape Singkong, Arem-Arem, Hot Tea and Gorengan. With the cheap price, delicious breakfast, and nice atmosphere place. It's highly recommended for you.

2. Nasi Uduk Bu Narmi

Jl. Sambipitu - Gedangsari

Wanna eat some rich tasted food but you are in a hurry?
Breakfast portion of savory and aromatic rice, stir fried tempeh, stir fried noodles and veggies, and don't forget this stall signature.... Sambal Kacang!
Sambal Kacang make this stall different than other stall who sell nasi uduk too. Combination of sambal kacang, aromatic rice, and the side dishes is so wonderful! For only Rp. 5000,-. You can enjoying a tasteful and satiate breakfast with cheap price. They serve delivery orders too.

#1 Bubur Ayam Neng Indri

* picture credit: resepkoki.id

#2 Nasi Uduk Bu Narmi

*picture credit: Pinterest