Reca Renae Sanchez

Changing the hair & skin game one day at a time.

Hey, It’s Reca! Get to know me & what I’m striving for.

I’m 18 and I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I want to help inspire those I meet & grow with those around me. I joined this business of Health/Beauty because I learned of the variety of opportunities for friendship, family, travel, & most importantly, personal growth, both physically and mentally. When I joined, I knew very little, if anything at all, about the business world and honestly I still have SO much to learn. Maybe you’re in the same situation and that’s totally okay! Everything is a learning process, and our business, Shampoo Mafia, is here to support you and shed light on the huge opportunities ahead.

Throughout this journey, my goal is to help ANYONE & EVERYONE understand and achieve their own personal goals for their hair & skin, and even for their future. There truly is so much to learn about, and I’m here to guide and grow WITH you in YOUR journey to success.

•If you are interested in joining me, please contact me via email or text (serious inquiries only please!)

•If you simply would just like to enhance the needs of your hair and/or skin, please take the beauty quiz posted on the next page!

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