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This is the story of how I, Brie Marie, went from surviving to loving myself:
I started working with Monat in 2019 in the middle of some of the most toxic years of my life. I asked for an opportunity to present itself while i was in the middle of struggling with being overworked, exhausted of working so hard and never feeling like i had enough money. I was mentally drained and tired of the lifestyle i was living. I was surrounded by toxic relationships, drowning myself in alcohol to cope with the world i was living in and falling in a circle of insecurity, depression and anxiety that never seemed to get better. I had created amazing memories with people i loved but they were always tinged with a lot of darkness.
It took me 3 years of ups and downs within this company to FINALLY understand what this opportunity was for me.
Its a lifestyle change. Not just a business change. Not just a job change. A LIFESTYLE change.
This company is incredible because it helps people in SO many different ways but i just couldn’t quite figure out how it was going to help me.
It took ONE intense situation for me to finally have enough and figure it out.
Now, what do all legendary glow ups start with? A broken heart.
I had my heart broken by someone I DID NOT expect. This heart break threw my world upside down as I had to look at every single relationship I had in my life differently and question every persons loyalty.
I was devasted and angry so, i quit working with Monat for about 6 months trying to get myself together. I threw myself further into alcohol, grieving relationships I devoted so much of my energy to and grieving my old self and my old life. Finally, I realized this needed to stop so I moved into a new home and started a 75 day mindset challenge that I learned about through Monat. This included no alcohol. I gave myself 75 days to grieve and figure out the steps to get my life together and where I want to be.
The whole time, there was people checking in on me, mindset training videos, and conversations with people i met in this industry that empowered me through every step of my healing journey. I ended so many friendships and ended up being so alone when i was once surrounded by so many people until I realized i WASNT alone. I had access to all of these people the whole time i just was putting my energy into people that DIDNT share the same lifestyle goals and morals as i did.
As soon as I realized that, my life started to change and so did my business.
I’m more focused on making choices in my personal life that makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel HAPPY.
I realized how little i loved myself and how often i chose OTHER PEOPLE and THEIR happiness over my own.
I realized i needed to use this company for what it truly was to me, a chance to change my life…. Not just in my finances but in my mind and my body.
I look healthier, feel healthier, AM healthier because i started the true healing journey this company offered me instead of pursuing the same type of life i was praying so hard to get out of. I can proudly say I have been off anti depressants for a bit now and it all started with the desire to follow what makes ME happy ….and honestly, the Monat wellness line.
Bottom line, don’t let your heartbreak end you. Use your heartbreak to empower you.
Focus on what truly matters to you (the WHY, not the HOW) and the rest will fall into place.
I am here today so i can guide as many of you through your healing journey as possible, and hopefully help you skip the 3 years it took me to realize what i needed.
Never be afraid to reach out and take a chance on yourself.
— 𝑩𝒓𝒊𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒆

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