A little bit about me

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my page,

My names Katya, I’m 30 years old and I live in South Devon with my husband and 4 little minis.

I currently work as an interior buyer and stylist on new build housing developments but before that I owned and ran a bridal studio designing wedding gowns and dressing lovely ladies for their special day.

I started this page as a way to showcase all of the design trends and interior pieces I am currently loving and using in my life and in my work,

I have always been a creative type it’s what makes me happy and fills my soul.

When I am not shopping interiors or decorating my home I enjoy painting colourful pieces of art to bring spaces alive.

Your home should be a place that feels like just that..your home.
a place to showcase your personality and individual style,
It’s a blank canvas ready to be painted with things you love and I want to help you create it!

A guide to commission pieces

How an interior artist creates the perfect piece for your space

The thought of commissioning a piece of artwork can feel quite overwhelming, you may think it’s going to be too expensive not know what to ask or how to get your ideas down on canvas.

I thought I would write this as a guide on what to expect when you Commision a piece with me.


Upon any enquiry, you can ask me for a price list which I will send to you. 
These prices are based on readily available canvas sizes. If you would like to commission a certain size that isn't on the price list, I can send quotes for that specific size.
Each canvas price varies on size, depth, and if postage is required.

Intital consultation

I provide an initial consultation completely free of charge, this is where we discuss ideas, the room you would like the commission to go in ect.

Each person is different as is each piece. Some clients may know exactly what they want and others may need a helping hand which I am happy to provide.

I can help with colour ideas, sizing and style.

I find it very useful receiving photographs of the room and surrounding decor to help me envision a piece in your space and give my initial thoughts.

After this we get a little bit more in depth..

I ask all clients to send a palette through of their desired colour scheme and the room which the art will be going into.

We go into the finer details of what you would like in a painting (do you want lots of texture?, do you like to see the brush strokes, finishing touches such as gold leaf?) I then mock up a moodboard for us to agree on using your colour palette, room photos and any other details you have requested and this becomes my focal point for inspiration for the entire commission process.

Part payment

Once we have agreed on size, ideas, colour and moodboard I require 50 percent of the agreed amount to be paid to start any works, I have a variety of ways that you can do this which we can discuss.

The process

I will let you know once I start working on your piece, my usual lead time is up to 5 weeks but I have done some commissions in a week depending on the flow of my other work and where the painting takes me as I’m doing it...art is all about emotion so I work on each piece on and off as and when my creative juices are in full swing.

If you need a piece for a specific time frame I suggest booking in with me 6 weeks in advance to avoid any disappointment.

I absolutely love to send videos and photos throughout the painting process to enable you to have some input and watch your piece come to life..... my clients especially seem to enjoy a good old time lapse.

Once I consider the painting to be finished I will send you some final pictures in natural light for approval... we can tweak things here and there until you and I are 100 percent happy with the piece.

Final payment and postage

Once you are completely happy I will request that the remaining 50 percent payment is made before booking a courier service to deliver your piece to its new home.

The postage service I use is tracked and insured to make sure your piece gets to you safely. You will get updates of the item arrival and the delivery driver will have your details if there are any problems. Postage within the UK is included in the final price. Postage outside the UK will be an additional charge.


Together we have created the perfect piece of artwork for your space.

You get to sit down with a nice cuppa and admire it and I get replace another item of clothing I got paint on!


Up cycling and diy

Hanging flower ladder

This hanging ladder has to be one of my favourite diy projects and has made such a huge impact in my bathroom.

It is a relatively easy but slightly repetitive project but once completed you will be so happy you did it!

You will need:

•One wooden ladder
•sand paper
•4 large s shaped ceiling hooks
•4 wall plugs
•4 screw eyes (large enough to fit you s hooks through)
•natural wood varnish (if desired)
•paintbrush suitable for varnishing
•invisible thread
•an assortment of faux flowers (dried flowers will work also)
•saw if you are changing the size of your ladder.

Take your wooden ladder and cut to desired length (you can pick up very cheap ladders on Facebook market place or car boot sales no need to buy new!)

Once you have your ladder give it a good sanding by hand depending on its condition. (My ladder was covered in paint so I sanded it back to bare wood as that was the look I wanted however there is nothing wrong with leaving it rough and ready!)

Give it a couple of coats of natural varnish and let dry overnight.

Now your ready to hang it!

Please make sure before hanging that it’s a safe place to do so ie no wiring directly above you and that the ceiling can take the weight of the ladder comfortably

we don’t want it falling on you when your enjoying a glass of rose in the tub!

You made need some help for the next part!

You are going to need to hold the ladder in place on the ceiling to mark where to put your wall plugs.

Have someone hold it in place for you and mark this with pencil you will want to place to hole on the outer edges of one of the ladder rungs so that the s shaped hook will cradle the ladder.

Once you have drilled the four holes then pop the wall plugs in and screw in your eye screws.

Then hang your s shaped hooks through the eyes of the screws.

You should then be able to cradle the ladder into the s hooks.

The next part is a little repetitive but in the end this is what is going to make it all worth while!

First of all...stand in your bath!

That’s right we don’t want to be getting flowers in our face every time we get in or out or have to stand up to shave those awkward areas


Your going to want to hang your flowers a little bit above your head so take a piece of thread and cut in to size and use this as your guide for the rest.

If you have long stems on your flowers you may need to trim these down a little.

Now here’s the not so fun part you are going to need to tie each individual stem onto a piece of invisible thread.

Using your length as a guide go about cutting and tying each one on vary the lengths a little bit to add depth but don’t go longer than your guide.

Once you have done this you can set about fixing them to the ladder,

tie each one around the rungs of the ladder varying the heights as you go.

I would start by adding one to each rung at a time so you don’t run out or make it to heavy in one particular area.

Once completed it should look something like this...

Then snip off any loose bits of thread.

Pour yourself a glass of wine,

Bring out the bubble bath and enjoy!


Beautiful interior pieces to add that little extra something something!

Here are a few of my favourite recent pieces that are sure to add that wow factor to your space without breaking the bank!

Rafia cushion covers

I absolutely adore these cushion covers from labour blue interiors, they inject a bohemian edge and would work just as beautifully in a neutral space as they do in this gorgeous burnt orange setting.

Texture is so important to give a room
warmth and these cushions are the perfect way of adding depth easily.


Athena bed

This Art Deco inspired bed is just an absolute dream!

The headboard itself is magic and looks fantastic against lighter coloured walls,
because the frame isn’t one solid piece it won’t close up your space and will keep your room nice and open without compromising on style.

I especially like the metal detailing on the headboard and at 299.00 this is a stylish piece that won’t break the bank!


Pink and gold cutlery set

As soon as I saw these I fell in love, they are just so different from the norm and inject a real glamorous edge into everyday dining.

Would you believe these are from Asda at a very yummy £16.00 for a 16 piece set.

The best bit....they also come in black and gold!


Abstract artwork

Abstract artwork is such a big trend at the moment why not add it into your interior?

I love this soft blush toned piece by matalan home.


Freda rug

This patterned rug is super thick and soft under foot,

The monochrome pattern makes it easy to switch up the look and accent colours of your room without changing too much and therefore saving the ££s

These start from £75.00 for a runner which would be a lovely addition to a hallway up to an extra large for £299.99 perfect for splaying our from underneath your bed.

This also comes in four other colours!


Shop small and help them dream big!

Gorgeous home wares from independent businesses

Being an independent business holder my self I realise just how many long hours, blood sweat and literal tears go into making yourself stand out!

Below are some of my favourite interior items from some wonderful businesses I have come across on both Instagram and Etsy.

Wavey soul

Amanda is the queen of wool, there not much she can’t do with it!

From cushions to coasters, bunting to blankets she’s your girl for anything and everything wolly.

She’s recently started making this loom we’ve wall hangings. I have one in my home and it’s absolutely beautiful.
I sent Amanda colour choices and ideas and she made the wevave to match my children’s play room...although it’s more for me then them!



Jodie makes the most beautiful macrame hanging planters in a variety of styles and colours, perfect for adding a splash of colour and Bohemia to your home.



Gemma makes the most adorable cushions and dolls amongst other things.

Her pieces are perfect to give your child’s bedroom that little extra something special...my little Noah absolutely loves his lion cushion that Gemma kindly made for him...I just wish I had a little girl so I had an excuse to buy one of her dolls!


House of owls

North west based Lorraine makes gorgeous wire words and wire wall art she also does custom pieces.

I used house of owls for the wire words above the bed in my most recent show home, they are very well crafted and came beautifully packaged!



If you are looking for prints to brighten up your home, funny quotes and custom made pieces then this is the girl for you!

Cher is a hardworking super mum based in Blackpool and is sure to give you what you want!



From coasters to clocks Yorkshire born but London based Pardip makes the most beautiful items out of resin and gold leaf which if you’ve seen my Instagram you will know is right up my street.

And has recently started doing resin placements too which are to DIE for!


Little grey Pom Pom

Beautiful baskets for all of your nick naks, toys, throws, beauty products...basically anything you Dam well please!

These are the perfect practical but stylish storage solution and I think they make fantastic toy baskets!