I’m Breanna

I am happily married, mother to a sweet baby girl, and enjoy educating on all things wellness. I have been on an amazing wellness journey for 3 years now and my life has been completely turned around.

My story:
In 2018 my eyes were opened to the reality of all of the toxins and chemicals in our everyday products, water, air, and things we come in contact with everyday. Toxins that disrupt our immune systems, endocrine systems, hormones, causes cancer, auto immune disease, chronic illnesses, infertility, and so much more! I started reading labels and could not believe the amount of harsh chemicals that are legally in our products!

It was then I decided I wanted a change. I wanted to take better care of my body and my family’s body. I wanted to take control of what we allow in our home, on our skin, and in the air around us. I am also a believer in chiropractic, holistic, and naturopathic care. I believe God gave us everything we need on this earth that is natural to thrive and heal our bodies, whether that’s through food, water, herbs, or plants.

I am committed and passionate about educating mothers on how they can keep their babies safe and healthy, and helping all people make better choices so they can live a longer, healthier, more enjoyable life!