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Hey babes!
My names Ashley! I’m 30 years old, work as a stay at home dog mama, I am married to an wonderful husband for 2 years, battling epilepsy, AND run my own business!
The last year alone has been an insane one for me due to my health struggles, I had many downs then ups. On the big side, I will be two years seizure free in June and also ended up really finding who I am in the process of it all...
I would NOT have been able to do it though if I didn’t start my business! Yes. I WOULD NOT have been able to find who i really am without my business. And i want to help others do the same or do whatever they’ve always wanted to do but have been too scared/nervous/didn’t have time for/or whatever else you might be telling yourself. Remember i was in your shoes too once, so i get it completely!
This is an amazing opportunity and I don’t want anyone to just move on past it without knowing anything about it. So if you’re looking to change your life, fill out my Influencer application! If you’re looking to have healthier hair or skin, take the hair or skin care quizzes, or both! Every single product is vegan, anti aging (yes hair ages), and clinically proven to be effective.
Let me help you build and manifest your dream life starting now!

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Hello! We are GeorgexAshley! Husband and wife this is our first youtube channel as a married couple. We film four times a week Monday Wednesday Saturday and Sunday! So come and enjoy this journey with us!

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