The story to unravel.

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Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, one must think that Redlynne Èsmee lives a perfect life. Her father, Ephraim Hsu is a real estate tycoon owning several offices, mall, showrooms, and apartements while owning an exotic and classic business on the side, guaranteeing his family a lifetime wealth. Her mother, Jasmine Scharlieze née Hsu owns a clothing line business, starting from designing until selling them at high-end boutiques and malls.

Being the one and only princess of a wealthy family, Èsmee is often misunderstood as a spoiled rich kid, she was often see stepping off the luxurious car in front of the school gate, inviting unwanted gazes from the other students. The look on their faces made her uncomfortable, so she always kept her head down whenever she made her way into her class.

Her parents always showered her with expensive clothes, toys, gifts, and whatnot, but Èsmee never really had parental figures growing up. Her father was always busy abroad, only spending a day in two weeks at home and her mother often came home late at night. Her mother decided to move to Hongkong in order to accompany her grandmother that come from her father’s side after the loss of her grandfather. Èsmee went through bad days afterwards and her classmates never knew about her struggle for she never opened up to them. She never showed them her true feelings or the scars hidden under her expensive clothes caused by her own parents. She always mingled with her friends, no matter what social status their family had, all to break the image of a spoiled rich kid. Just when she thought her life couldn't get worst, it did. Suddenly, her grades dropped and she failed her exams to enroll in her favorite university.

Sick with her life in Indonesia, she decided to move to Florence, Italy to start anew. Her father offered to buy her way in. So, she enrolled in Florence Design Academy, took interior design major, and did her best to graduate with a satisfying GPA. Fortunately her father soon realised that he, actually so did his wife, regarded their business stuffs highly until their children went neglected. It became the reason why her father gave her a huge house to reside in, to make up for the things he had done in the past. Èsmee had no choice but to accept it as she had no place to stay in Italy.