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Series #1: Quarantine Glow-Up

Hello! I am Rees and I have had this idea for a while during quarantine now, and I thought “huh, this could be fun...”, so here we are!

Welcome to my Instagram account! The first series is going to be a quarantine glow-up plan in which I will help you, and myself, with our quarantine glow-ups!

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Rice Water for Hair Growth

Here is my first natural DIY test for my glow-up series.

I will be posting the results as they come, but here is the first myth test: rice water for hair growth.

below are the steps for how I will be applying it:

(you have to already have your rice water fermented before you can do this.)

Rice water after shower.
Step one: take a shower and use shampoo and conditioner

Step two: let hair dry little bit

Step three: clean sink if you need to XD

Step four: run some water in to sink until it’s warm

Step five: when you have warm water, plug the drain

Step six: pour fermented rice water into hair. as the rice water goes into hair, the rest of it that doesn’t go into the hair will rinse off into the sink so you can use it again. you can keep scooping the rice water and reusing it as many times as you want.

Step seven: scoop up excess rice, (as much as you can to save it) and then drain the sink

Step eight: wait about 30 minutes and then rinse out hair with warm water or cold water from the bath, it doesn’t matter

There is how I am going to do this rice water challenge! I’ll post my results when I can!

Results (not posted yet)

Workout Plans

The workout plans I am doing are by Chloe Ting. (pictured below)

Chloe Ting is a YouTuber and an Instagrammer who influences health and gives everyone the chance to become healthier. She is a role-model and I can’t wait to do all of her workouts~

She has many to choose from and you can pick which one you would like to start with, but I am starting with the 2 Week Shred if you would like to do it with me.

My YouTube Channel

I will: react, game, and tell my glow-up story.

I will be posting videos on my YouTube channel sooner or later, just not right now. It will consist of my quarantine glow-up and stuff for when that actually happens and how I did it. I just wanted you all to know that you should look out for that in the future~