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My name is Regan Pflumm, I am a mama to two sweet kiddos and a wife to a very supportive husband! We currently reside in the Kansas City Metro! Although, I would love to be living somewhere on a beach... I love it so much here in KC! My hobbies are traveling, fitness, spending time with my family!

Being a mama is a wonderful thing but at the same time makes you put stuff on the “back burner”. Stuff as in self care or thinking about YOU for just one second!

SEINT has changed my life in sense of putting myself together each morning! Making myself look put together day in and day out!

I am eager for you to join me and learn the ins and outs of SEINT! Do you want to know how you can have a full contoured face in 10 minutes, give or take?

Ready to revamp your routine??


Health is an investment not an expense!

Thank you for connecting with us!! So happy you are here!!

A little bit about us— we have been a working team for______ years! We get to decide what we want day in and day out! We are surrounded by likeminded & ambitious people who encourage our success! Our lives are now FREE! Our team is the TOP ______ earning team.

If you are looking for a change in health or financial change or maybe even both! You have found the place to be! Our products are organic, clean and effective! Our company is still ground floor—meaning we are FRESH!!

Did someone say financial freedom?! If you are wanting financial freedom & don’t want to be working for someone else that does not allow the flexibility you desire. Or you still enjoy your job and would like a side hustle! Come build with us!!

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