Client L❤︎ve Notes

What’s it like to work with Reihna?

Please read what clients have shared about her.

I received an Intuitive Reading + Reiki session with Reihna and all I can say is that it was a mind-blowing experience for me!! I didn’t know what to expect, but was SO surprised at how she was able to “know” me and give me the guidance and confirmation I needed to continue on my quest to become my best self. She was so authentic, passionate and knowledgeable with all that she was able to share with me during and after the session. Yes, she even sent me notes she took from our session and photos of the oracle cards she chose for me. Not to mention she even sent me interesting facts about my birth chart when the session was over just because she felt the need to do so. And the Reiki Healing part was just as extraordinary. I was in such awe at how calming and peaceful the experience was. I felt her do her magic on me and have never felt so uplifted and in balance. I am so grateful to her and would definitely do it again. Reihna is truly a gem and her work is amazing. Please do yourself a favor and book a session with her. You’ll be so impressed and want more :)

- Christina

“My experience working with Reihna was amazing. It was deeply intense and required a lot of work on my part, but with Reihnas soothing guidance it was extremely rewarding. I came to Reihna with multiple issues i wanted/ needed to address. I was a bit unfocused in my goals, as i had too broad a scope of what i wanted to work on. Reihna helped me pinpoint what it was I wanted. She is very warm and easy to talk to, and genuinely wants to help, which helped me to be at ease throughout our session. We did an 8 hour Intensive Therapy session, and Reihna carefully guided me through the day. She explained the processes and how they worked, along with the why and how of it all. I must say at first i wasnt sure what to expect, but after going over everything with her, i was confident and happy with my decision to see her. Like I said, it was very intense work. A lot of deep self reflection, where you have to be completely open and honest with yourself. It was exhausting, but well worth it. After the day was over, i cant explain the feeling i had. It was as if i was in a dream and everything was so peaceful and calm within me. She gave me tools to help guide myself after the session, which i have been putting to use and are extremely helpful. I know Reihna has truly helped me. It has been a while since my session, and i still can feel the positive effects from her presence and practice. I highly, highly recommend any type of session with Reihna. Not only did i get amazing results, but Reihna herself was great to work with. I felt safe, cared for, and positive throughout my entire interaction with her. I will be booking more sessions in the future. Thank you Reihna for everything!!”


“Positivity. Confidence. Empowerment.

When I think of Reihna, these are the three, of many, words that come to mind that she embodies but more importantly, inherently teaches you to exude. I've only known Reihna for a little over a year in which we worked in the same organization together however I feel like I've known her my entire life. From the moment I sat down at the interview table with her, I could feel her positive energy and knew I had to work with her. She has been and will continue to be an integral part of my life journey and most recently my Seattle Journey.

I moved to Seattle from Denver a little over a year ago to take the job referenced above and to say it was a shock to the system would be an understatement. I moved with my partner to a city we had never lived, knew no one, and really overall feeling overwhelmed, excited, but for me, very anxious. I quickly found that I was on the negative side of things many days and found myself really questioning our move here and found it hard to stay motivated. Then comes Reihna. We spend many days at work talking over instant messenger as even though we worked for the same organization rarely were we in the office together and later not even the same state as Reihna's calling took her to CA. It is through these conversations where I saw my perspective and life start to change. Even through something as impersonal as IM and text, Reihna has the ability to send her energy through to you and just make you feel warm and positive

Fast forward a few months where I know work for a company based in Denver, have my plans to move back to Denver this fall where I feel I belong, and Reihna is still there every step of the way. I have never met a more selfless but self respecting and overall powerful person as I have in Reihna. The coaching she has provided me (coaching I didn't even know was happening nor thought I needed) has helped me learn the skills to stop, analyze, think deeply, and respond as opposed to my "flight or fight" go-to response. She has helped me see that I am the creator of the world that I want and I get what I give. I have morphed into the person I have always wanted to be through her friendship and her sharing of skills that she didn't even have to be asked to share; she willingly shares her love of life and spiritual guidance with the world in everything she does

I have always been an "everything happens for a reason" person and I am 100% confident that my journey of 16 months in Seattle was to connect my life with Reihna and it was worth it all. I am a better person today, tomorrow, and forever for it and I am forever grateful.”

- Rich

“I don't usually write reviews but I feel like I need to let the world know about Reihna. I'm in a very good place right now and I want to thank her for it. All of my relationships, especially the one with myself, have never been better. I feel healthier and happier. I don't know what I'd do without her.”

- Trisha

“I used to think working with a life coach would be like therapy. In some ways I suppose it is, but for me, Reihna is a mentor who has helped me learn to be a better version of myself. And she's a fellow traveler on the road of life.

Reihna' s authenticity, her passion, and her exquisite intuition made it very easy for me to form a genuine connection with her. Our work together and our enduring friendship have changed my life for the better in so many ways. I have grown so much in the areas of personal accountability, self-care, goal setting, living in gratitude, manifesting my goals… and so much more. She's helped me focus on what I need to do to be true to myself and to those I love.

I believe Reihna was born to do what she does--divinely inspired even. And I am so grateful our paths crossed!”

- Tom

“WOW! I recently had an AMAZING experience with Reihna during a channeling session over the phone. She's talented and overflows with so much love and light! She mentioned things that I've never told anyone and reconfirmed that I'm choosing the right path. She also gave me useful suggestions of how to go about it. Such an amazing experience! I felt light. I felt love. I felt peace. THANK YOU SO MUCH, REIHNA!”

- Fern

“Reihna has been an amazing resource and mentor for myself and many of my friends. We vary in our life struggles, but I can speak for the group when I say that Reihna has been a positive influence on us all. She is a big hearted person who many instantly feel comfortable with and trust. Her ability to help providing meaningful ways to navigate mindset have been tremendous. Her love and passion shines through in the way that she coaches, with great follow up and actionable plans to continue to help guide individuals. Thank you Reihna! You've brought such meaningful guidance to our lives!”

- Pauletta

“I’ve always had an issue with identifying my true self. I’ve played a chameleon for so long, where I would adapt to my surroundings and become the person they want me to be. Which worked well with my sales career but not so much with relationships. Every relationship I had, I would lose myself more and more. It took my current relationship to realize that. I got hurt one too many times by him, that enough was enough. I knew something was missing within me, so that is when I decided to seek help outside my box. I knew Reihna, and she has always had a bright light, she radiated with passion, joy, positivity, and warmth. So, it was perfect timing when I learned about her new found calling.

Through our journey together, she made discover what I was missing.  It was “ME”, my body was missing the true “ME”. We worked on self-discovery, she has helped me discover my true self that I have kept hidden. She has helped me connect spiritually with the Universe, I am now in sync with it! The Universe has since been blessing me with guidance and alignment of my life. It has truly been magical for me since then! I am the “ME” that I always have been, I am that Boss Lady!”

- Eileen

“Reihna, I just had to drop you a message and let you know your words and energy has changed my life. Earlier this year you posted something about putting our dreams 'out there' for the universe. You said even if it was a huge dream, you should let yourself be open to the possibility. Well, I took this advice and started putting out there the fact that I wanted to buy a house. I told everyone I talked to about my plan, I started dreaming of how I would decorate the kitchen and what the yard would look like. Well, I moved into my brand new home on Dec 1st! I never thought it would be possible this soon but somehow the universe decided to make it work for me. I am using this technique on another goal I have and am inching closer by the day. Thank you for all your positive energy and advice. I read your posts and ponder the thoughtful advice you give each and every day. Keep up all your life changing work! Cheers! ❤️”

- January

“The work I did with Reihna was truly life changing. She has a beautiful and down to earth way of holding space for you. I felt like I’ve known her my whole life! She guided me to heal my root cause of anger and sadness and I can honestly say my life has been forever changed. I had a massive shift happen in my life after my sessions with her - money flowed in, my outlook on others shifted to love and compassion. She is incredible. Highly highly recommended. ♥️”

- Christina

“I worked with reihna on my money mindset and after our sessions, I've noticed money has been coming into my life unexpectedly. but i think the big takeaway for me was it wasn't money I was really after, but more balance and time with my family. Her hypnosis session has also helped me become more vocal in my needs. i also feel calmer and work through problems easier. I've noticed a shift in how i process stress and i am thankful for her help. reihna is an excellent listener and her insight and perspective have been tremendous. I highly recommend anyone looking for a positive change in their life to work with her.

**Update - Today I was surprised with a promotion at my job and merit increase. i am just amazed!”

- Myla

“Reihna performed weight loss hypnosis on me. I felt absolutely AMAZING afterwards! Truly like I was floating. I immediately told everyone I knew about her and the hypnotization. I thought of what she said often, some tips she gave me like eating until I was full, drinking water, etc. After that I lost about 10 lbs in the next month. It was such a beautiful hypnotization featuring waterfalls, I was able to fully surrender and be in it. Reihna made me feel totally comfortable as she is extremely professional. I would recommend Reihna to anyone and look forward to working with her again in the future!!”

- Laine

“What can I say about Reihna? She is genuine. You can feel it in her vibe, energy and her words. She was able to unlock and awaken a part of me that I didn’t even know I had. Her positivity is contagious and limitless. She is passionate but not in the way that is intrusive but every bit inviting. Reihna really helped me to realize my potential and helped me change my way of thinking and perceiving the world around me. The best part? She gave me tools and resources that I will continue to use for a lifetime. If you are ready to receive and accept the invitation she gives, you will come out with a lasting and lovely gift that you will want to share with the world.”

- Abby

“I am so grateful Myla Fe guided me toward your beautiful spirit. When she told me she had scheduled a session to work with you I was intrigued. She said you were offering a few additional sessions and I immediately signed up. What happened next was transformational. During our initial call you asked me what I was looking to achieve and I had questions about what to expect. I had no experience with hypnosis and did not know what to expect. It was a magical experience and soon after I was able to call in all of the abundance I was seeking. I'm not sure if I'm m making any sense, butI definitely encourage people to work with you. Your beautiful spirit radiates through the phone. I am looking forward to working with you again. Thank you so very much!”

- Tanya

Who is Reihna?

Reihna serves as a Mindset Coach & healing practitioner…BUT she is so much more than that! To be in her energy is to feel comfortably seen, heard, loved and held…all while keeping it real and having fun! She has a quality about her that will set your soul at ease, and trust the process with her. She will keep you accountable as the highest version of yourself, and will help you master your mindset & energy.

Working with Reihna, she finds much excitement (which is contagious, btw) in witnessing real life magic unfold, as beautiful souls (like yourself) powerfully rise up & move forward in their lives, and reclaim their personal power. THIS IS THE WORK, THIS IS REIHNA’S MISSION - because when you get a taste of your personal power, and learn that you can be, do and have the whole blessed thing…IT IS A LIFE CHANGER

For a long stretch of her life, Reihna played so f*cking small…she felt trapped, powerless, overwhelmingly lost, fearful, voiceless…to a point where she needed to decide: end it all or somehow change it all. A prayer Divinely answered, Reihna had been transformed by being shown another way. It was through learning more about the power of the mind, the Universal Law of Attraction and Manifestation, that she found her power AND a deeper love & understanding for herself. She has committed to deliberately creating a life she loves, loving what she does, while inspiring & teaching others to do the same, in their lives.

Reihna is focused on assisting, guiding & supporting spiritual, corporate babes & new or aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs, in rising & thriving in their lives, despite the demands of the corporate world, in life & in building a business. Reihna helps them be, know & love themself at a deeper level…and from that space & place, creating & living a life they love.

To help herself and others create badass, life-changing transformations, Reihna has invested in herself…from hiring mentors, to participating herself in mindset & energetic trainings, to acquiring the tools and techniques to facilitate breakthroughs & transformations.

Having Reihna in your corner, to be a catalyst for the transformation you desire, will feel like one of the best decisions you will ever make in this lifetime.