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As Napoleon Hill mentioned on pg 41 of his of his best selling Book, Think And Grow Rich,I to have bargained with life many times as well as in many ways.For life has taught me many lessons along the way,”From those lessons I was put on a new path”. I walked this new path soon to discover the beautiful gifts of life which start from within. Delila knew she had the ability to bring her purpose into reality,Therefore she became very persistent to her thought of purpose.she then took steps that would lead her to put it into action. Delila knew her thoughts in her mind will eventually in due time manifest themselves into reality,She was determined to stay focused and keep soaking in knowledge,So she decided to take the steps needed that would bring her to the image she withheld in her Mind. She knew the principal of auto-suggestion as mentioned in Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich.The desire she held within her mind would soon express itself through physical motion.She soon realized taking if it would be just at least 5 mins out of her day just to focus/Meditate on the picture she held in her mind,It would soon help her to become one step closer to the image she held in her mind. Delila’s thought is put into motion faith removes limitations, Remembering this was when she was ready to bargain with life. I Am Delila welcome to my life positive vibrations to All with lots of Success,Divine light,clarity ,healing,prosperity,&Love vibrate higher Reprogram your mind awaken the soul become your own Role Model visualize your higher self & start to show up as her I’m here to inspire & Empower 💋 P.s. Energy is everything protect your energy....💜 live in Gratitude... click the link below if you would like to get started wit me as your coach/Mentor Are you ready to become a Rejuvenated Goddess click 👇🤍✨