How It All Started

Period. It is the single word that can make a woman tremble with worry, double over in pain, or cringe from its symptoms. It's debilitating, it's painful, and it's reoccurrent. Like a lot of women, I used to suffer from terrible menstrual cycles, particularly on the first day. I dreaded it. I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink, I couldn't walk, I didn't want to hear anything or see any lights -- I just wanted to die in darkness.

I've tried quite a bit of remedies: pills, teas, concoctions. I may have gotten relief the first time I used them, but the effects were never sustained. After a couple months, I was searching for the next best thing to just get me through the day.

The problem was I was too focused on a cure. ✨The power is in prevention.✨ I realized that once I saw blood, it was too late. A woman's PMS starts 1-2 weeks before they actually see blood. Thus, that is the period (pun intended) of time where woman have to be proactive. And, I found the solution.

The period potion is an oil that is to be used externally, on the lower abdomen, lower back, inner thigh and pressure points found behind the ears and the base of neck. Being sure to use it 7 days before your expected period, its potent and powerful ingredients helps to regulate hormones, and it helps your body adapt to the changes going on through your cycle.

I've been using this oil for almost a year, and my periods have been the easiest periods of my life. I'm hoping you will have the same experience.

Cheers to an easier period 🥂

How does it work?

The magic 10

I have hand picked 10 powerful essential oils that caters to women's health. This proprietary, signature blend is geared to relieve pain, provide comfort, and soothe the body to offer a more pleasurable period. These essential oils include:

1. Holy Basil
2. Clary Sage
3. Frankincense
4. Helichrysum
5. Roman Chamomile
6. Lavender
7. Copaiba
8. Oregano
9. Calendula
10. Thyme


As I have previously mentioned, the key is in ✨prevention✨ not the cure. 7 days (2x a day) before your period, you should be using this product. It takes less than 3 minutes! What a small price to pay 😌

Here's how you use it:

Step 1: Roll on – roll a good amount onto your lower abdomen, lower back, and inner thighs. You may also roll a bit behind your ears, on your temples and plender gap to relieve headaches, or feelings of stress or anxiousness.

Step 2: Massage in – gently rub the oil in for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 3: Go – enjoy the rest of your day.

Step 4: Repeat – do this everyday, 2x/day, 7 days before your expected period.

Step 5: if you would still like more relief during your period, roll oil onto the desired area and add a heating pad.

Who says a Period can't be Pleasant.

You shouldn't have to endure pain every. sngle. month. Experience freedom.