About the artist —

Art is more than an accessory, it tells a story of personal style and makes a statement!

I’m Rebecca, an abstract artist based in Staffordshire UK specialising in large scale monochromatic textured paintings.

I’m a dog mum, coffee snob and general daydreamer with a keen interest in interior design.

Here’s my story...
Working a stressful, fast paced 9-5? Yep, me too. A few years ago I needed to find an escape to release the week of stress and overwhelm - let’s face it, my mental health was shot and I needed to release the creative energy that I couldn’t doing my office job.

Then I found mindfulness. I quickly realised that to me, painting was my mindfulness practice. It allows me to breathe. To escape into a world of interior design, emotion, style and expression.

I’ve always loved being creative and I grew up surrounded by majestic forest, filled with wildlife, vibrant colours and a spirt that can’t be explained, I’m so lucky.

From the earliest memories I have, I remember admiring light, texture, contrast and bold lines in nature. I’d like to think that all of this plays a huge role in my work.

My working medium is generally acrylic, with some alcohol ink, and India ink thrown in for good measure. My ethos is, any statement art needs to be big and bold but at the same time flow naturally with the personal style of its new home.

Have a look around! If you’ve any questions please reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

R x

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