Axell —

Face Claim : Heejin dan Ryujin

Platform : Twitter (BA, CA, RP), Telegram, & Line

Bahasa : Indonesia, English, and Javanese.

Jam operasional 09.00 - 22.00

I can be every colors you like. I'll be ur sswuper supp0rt system, anything you want, Imma lil bit dominate person. tapi aku bisa jadi lucuu, gemess manjaa. bisa jadi pribadi yang mature, bisa diajak deeptalk dan lain". I'm a good listener, OTP is available! Ssst I have cute voice that makes you feel comfy. I can do imagine rated, for legal only! don't worry I'm already 18 and I have many plots on ma mind. Ssst I prefer dom ahaha. Just contact me if you interest !

• 4k/hari
• 25k/seminggu
• VIP 8k/hari

Free services
• Request FC
• Request typing
• Request panggilan
• Put nama di bio

Additional services
• NSFW +5K
• VN +2k
• OTP 4k/jam
• Begadang +2k (until 01.00 am)

Elena —

Face Claim : Karina AESPA, & Sana Twice

Platform : Twitter (BA, RP), dan kakaotalk.

Bahasa : Fluent in English and Indo. Could speak French and Deutsch (not fluent).

BxG Only, as Sub.

Elena seorang Sub. I have bubbly personality, friendly and enjoy talking with new people. I'm super clingy like a glue, it will be hard to get rid of me (hehe). I enjoy deep talks and also giving deepthro- (i'm kidding). You can talk about anything you want with me, about rl or rp i'm okay with both, i'm a good listener. If you too lazy to type, we can always do OTP. I also love watching movies or youtube, maybe we could stream films together! I love music too, we must do spotify session together, and I might make you a playlist.

• 4k/day (SFW)
• 6k/day (NSFW)

Free Services
• Request face-claim (only di tele / kkt), for twt elena mostly pakai Sana TWICE atau fc west
• Request panggilan sayang!
• Basic imagine and cuddle

Paid services :
• +5k/movie
• +2k/3 VN
• +3k/jam untuk OTP

Nath —

Face Claim : Yeji ITZY and Yeri

Platform : Twitter (CA, BA, RP), LINE, Kakao Talk, and Telegram.

Bahasa : bilingual, Indo-Eng

BxG and GxG, as sub. Imagine BxG only.

Maximal rent 7 days / 1 week, Re-rent after 1 week.
Work hour from 12 PM - 12 AM

Hi there! This is Nath. I’m new on bf/gf rent but I’m a quick learner and can adapt easily. People’s first impression to me is cute and bawel. I can be clingy and cutie baby also a warm caregiver. I’m a good-listener, your privacy is safe with me. Don’t worry, I’m also a convobuilt. I can “ngebadut” and I can deeptalk about what happening nowadays. I can work in a group. I’m an extrovert who get energy from people around me. Anyways, I’m a bilingual Indo-Eng. I’m not good at describing myself, but I hope it’s enough and you will understand. Thank you.

• 5k/day
• 30k/week
• VVIP 7k/day
• VVIP 45k/week
• 8k/day
• 40k/week
• VVIP 10k/day
• VVIP 60k/week

Free services
• Request chara, typing, nickname, ava, hd
• SFW imagine (Indo / Eng)
• NSFW imagine (only Indo)
• Spotify session (1x, duration 1 hour)

Additional services
• OTP (3k/hour)
• Movie date on Rave (3k/hour)
• Spotify session (2k/hour)
• Play ZEPETO (2k/hour)
• Put name on bio or loc (1k)

Sasha —

Face Claim: Lee Naeun

Platform :Twitter (CA & RP), KKT dan Telegram.

Bahasa : Bahasa, English and Korean (but not fluent and still learning)

BxG & GxG, as Sub.

Max rent 1 minggu. Re-rent? Tunggu 3 hari setelah rent terakhir ya!

You can call me Sha. Fyi, I'm sub. I have bubbly personality and talkative. Aku suka spam chat dan convobuild banget. Easygoing! I can be a cute person, classy, serious and jamet too. Aku suka kasih support message dan aku pendengar yang baik walaupun aku kurang bisa kasih saran.

Fee :
• 3k/day (SFW)
• 5k/day (NSFW)

Free services :
• Imagine
• Request avatar/chara
• Request typing
• Request panggilan
• Interaksi di TL

Paid services :
• +2k/movie untuk movie date
• +2k/3 VN
• +3k/jam untuk OTP
• +2k/rent untuk main plato sepuasnya

Sena —

Face Claim : Zhou Xian Xian Ye dan Chuu

Platform : Twitter ( CA ), Telegram, KKT, dan Whatsapp.

Bahasa : Bahasa Indonesia, & Bahasa Sunda xixi!

BxG Only, as Sub.

Maksimal rent 1 minggu. Re-rent tunggu 3 hari setelah rent terakhir.

Haii! Dengan Sena disini! Aku anak yang berisik, bobrok, jametie, humoris, random dan juga kalongers! Aku juga convobuild, pendengar yang baik dan juga tentu saja bisa memberikan cute message atau semangat kalau kalian ngedown loh! Aku badut profesional tapi tetep bisa berubah jadi classy maupun cute person. Aku juga penggemar berat Marvel! Sukaaaa banget sama genre Action Fantasy mau itu buku ataupun film! Ah iya aku juga terkadang clumsy HEHEHE!

• 4k / Day ( SFW )
• 25k / Week
• 10k / Day ( khusus untuk 1 customer )

Free services
• Imagine ( SFW )
• Request typing
• Request ava
• Request panggilan

Additional services
• +3k / Jam untuk OTP
• +3k / Plot untuk Plotting
• +2k untuk 3 VN
• +5k / Movie untuk Movie Date bisa Rave ataupun Caracal