Hey, I'm Renee 👋

A wee story of my journey so far...

I'm 37 and I live in Auckland, NZ with my amazing husband Freddy and my beautiful little boy, Urijah.

I started this journey as an online entrepreneur, because I wanted to break the generational normal of sacrificing time with family because of work, to be able to make money.

I grew up with my mum, who worked long hours that at times we wouldn't get to see her until the end of the day and I would have to get myself and my younger sister ready for school. Both she and my dad did what they had to do to make ends meet to ensure that we were provided for and had the essentials that we needed. From this experience I missed my parents alot and although we got to hang out with other family because they looked after us when they had to work, it wasnt the same as having mum or dad.

Fast forward to me at 18 years old I joined the Navy. This built good work ethic and reiterated the harder you work, the more recognition you get, the more money you make.

Fast forward another 13 years, I became a mum and when my baby was 7 months old I had to return to the work force because we had a mortgage and bills to pay. My heart hurt leaving him with strangers but it was what I had to do. As he's grown I've progressed in my career - promotions, responsibility, more money - but this meant that I had to dedicate more time away from my family just to do my job.

He's now 5, and I've decided that enough is enough. My favorite job is being his mum and I don't want him to feel the heart ache that I felt and can still remember like it was yesterday. And I can't handle not being able to enjoy the small and big moments of his life 💔

So here is to success, abundance, financial freedom and of course time freedom - I'm here for all of it 🙌

Renee x

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