Renee Arseneau

Your road to empowerment


Welcome! I'm so happy to have you here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can see if we would be a great fit to work together & become real life empowered besties!

I'm a 31 years old virgo, extroverted introvert accountant CPA for one of the largest bank. Ive climbed the corporate ladder and am now a Senior Manager, leading over 15 employees. I'm the kindest and sweetest person ever but I am also mighty and fierce with a drive to succeed. I believe this combination led me to where I am.

I believe that the most exciting part of me is outside of the corporate world. After hitting the lowest point in my life, I became obsessed with personal development, mindset work & bettering myself in all aspects.

I took a health & life coach course so I can help other women that are going through a tough time unleash their full potential, find their true self, find their purpose in life & change their mindset. My coach, Rafael Betts, took me as a coach under his mentoring company, Ground Zero. I loved his coaching approach since day one so I was thrilled when he asked me to work with him. My goal: I want all women that I work with to leave feeling empowered, confident & ready to conquer anything.

Another passion of mine is being a makeup artist so I can help women feel beautiful and sexy. Ive always been creative and love everything fashion & beauty so this is the perfect outlet for me.

Im also an Independant Consultant with Arbonne, the most amazing community of women where I can talk goals, mindset, personal development with like-minded individuals all while using the best products on the market.

One of my biggest goal in life: be financially free. so I recently started investing in real estate so I can get closer to that goal.

When I'm not doing any of the above, you can find me here:
•cuddling my 2 fur babies
•riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle
•eating all the good food with a glass of white wine
•drinking my coffee with an audiobook
•working out
•planning my next decor project

OK OK OK this was way too long but Im hoping you can relate to at least 1 or 2 things? If so, go to the next page to see some options for us to connect! ;)