A Little Bit About Me

Hi! My name is Reneé and I am from New York. Born in Brooklyn, grew up on Long Island, and work in NYC...what can I say? I'm a true New Yorker 😊 I work in the media industry and absolutely love it, but I wanted to do something for myself as well. I recently started grad school and let me tell you...being a full time employee and a full time student is NOT easy...big props to those that have a family and still manage to be a superwoman.

I decided to get my Bachelor's in Journalism with a dual minor in Sociology and Criminology. After 4.5 years of working in the media industry, I decided to go back for an MBA in Marketing.

I recently started promoting a brand that I truly love... before making the decision to promote the company, I was adamant on trying the products first, and couldn't be happier. This brand has a hair, skin and wellness line. All products are vegan, natural and Leaping Bunny Certified... what more can you ask for?! I have met a ton of people within the business and they are extremely supportive and keep me motivated.

I came across my mentor's page and she was promoting this company. She uses every line and is someone that I trusted, so I decided to join her on the journey. If you personally know me, then you know that I do NOT recommend products/places that I do not use or do not like. I have always been about honesty, trust, and transparency.

I am always looking for men/women that are interested in trying the products or even starting their journey with me to promote the products. Let me know if you're interested and we will talk soon! ❤