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21 year old college student at OFB🎓
Social media marketing in fashion business

My journey started only a few months ago, and to be honest I was the most skeptical girl in the world. It took me over a month to finally budge and decide "what's the worst that can happen? better hair?"

Little did I know that just a few months after this decision was made, I would become a market partner of this beauty brand company, working from wifi, earning an income, recommending cruelty vegan free skin & hair products & taking 4 free trips a year.

Living my dream life in my 20's and helping others achieve their dream life too.

My goal is to empower you and teach you
how to become financially independent. This business has given me so much.

A community, personal growth, the best hair and skin of my life, & I’ve been able to help thousands of men & women create an income from their wifi just by upgrading their beauty products.

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