Who I am

Living in True Form

Are you a mum?
Maybe first time, maybe you have several babies.

Do you feel you had support through your pregnancy but as soon as you birthed your baby you were lost and didnt know where to turn?

Do you find it hard to leave the house and connect with other adults?

Maybe, your having trouble breast feeding, or controlling your pelvic floor or just feeling out of control and alone.

Hi, my name is Renee. I am a proud mum to my son Leo and I am an entrepreneur of 15 years.

Since having my son, my interests and focus has taken a flip and really taken off in the woman’s health and fitness industry as well as online marketing.

Through my experiences of becoming a mum I have seen and felt,

🥀The difficulty of connection with the outside world.
🥀The difficulty of keeping up my own health and fitness during the demands of a little human being.
🥀The difficulty of getting things done around the house with a little one always wanting my attention and be held
🥀The difficulty of keeping my own financial independence while raising my son.

But I found away.

As a stay at home mum, I now do all the above. And share with you, and many mum’s, on how to be the best versions of themselves and build their own health, wealth and fitness during life of motherhood. Also finding connection and balance.

I offer;

🌹A fun filled fitness program that helps strengthen your body post pregnancy and birth while keeping your baby close. And allows connection with other mum’s in a safe space.

🌹Baby Wearing Consultations where I answer any questions and concerns you may have in Baby Wearing. And educate on the benefits of baby wearing for you and your little one, especially during 4th trimester.

🌹A network of amazing specialists that can guide you through any concerns you may have in any areas of your health and motherhood

🌹An educational platform that teaches you how to build personal and financial abundance from the comfort of your home (or any space you choose) and around your family using the online space. Plus how to be paid by just being the amazing true self you are.

I love what I do and love that I can share this with my son and the community around me.

If this is what you are looking for then I invite you to join me, and together we will make your dreams a reality 🙏🏻

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