Hi There!

I’m Renee Mizza 👋

I’m a BSc graduate exploring new horizons with a 3-year career in the pharmaceutical industry.
I’m passionate about embracing new challenges and supplying a fresh perspective. Creative at heart with a love for design, food and music. Ask me about my journey from science enthusiast to industry explorer!

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Here’s some things I’m most proud of!

Ran an online store at 14.

Created my own website to sell handmade jewellery and crochet items. This venture was completed over 5 years. Designed my own website through HTML and CSS, shot my own product photos using a Nikon DSLR, edited photos with Adobe suite and used Canva to create content for social accounts and email marketing through Mailchimp.

Became a scientist!?

Graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Ecology and Conservation Biology.

Spotted Magazine

Created a online zine, short form magazine, which was utilised by Melbourne Zoo in their school education program.

Can’t get enough of social media…

Over the last 7 years I have had a few personal online presences and partnered with brands such as Mecca Maxima, Tirtyl, Sunslayer Sunscreen and Kit Skincare. As of September 2022 I archived my most recent brand but who knows how long it will be until I open the next 🤔

Wait, where are my keys?

A Mini review on Memantine as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease authored by myself in my last year of my university degree. The diagrams are also created by me! 🧠

Told ya it wouldn’t take long.

I’ve started a brand called 1800 Cosa as a space to highlight the things that pop up in my life that make me go, huh!? expressed in a way that allows me to use creativity as an outlet after my standard 9-5. Focusing predominately on things that are positive, and the things that make me laugh.


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