“The Relationship of Psychological Health and Academic Performance of the Senior High School in Educare College, Inc.”

Group 6

Senior High School years are the exciting and challenging years for most students. Students get the chance to explore and discover new things as they progress through the years. However, as they progress there are also challenges that they must face including pressure to succeed in academics, financial stress, uncertainty about which major or career path to choose, increased social media use, and less stigma around seeking help. It is essential for the students to overcome these challenges and stress-inducing factors in order to pave the way for their own educational achievement (Bahrami, 2007). In the study of (Asghari, 2008), he concluded that there is no significant relation between mental health and academic performance among the male students and female students. In spite of that, (Sha’iri, 2004) stated that there is a significant relation between mental health and academic performance. Therefore, conflicting results have been set forth in most studies on the relationship of psychological health and academic performance of the students. This research or study seeks to scrutinize, evaluate, and estimate the relationship between these two factors among the Senior High School students of Educare College, Inc.

In a study of academic achievement in relation to mental health of adolescents by
from International Journal of Humanities, Arts, Medicine and Sciences 2 (4), 9-14, 2014, In the present study an attempt was made to elaborate the relationship between academic achievement and mental health of adolescents belonging to the Ludhiana and Moga district of Punjab. The sample of 300 adolescents (150 rural and 150 urban) were taken from various govt. schools. Tools used for the study were the Mental Health Battery (Singh and Gupta 2005) and the academic achievement was assessed by the results of their matriculation board examination in the subject of mathematics. Results clearly indicated that there is a highly significant relation between academic achievement and certain dimensions of mental health namely overall adjustment and intelligence for the sample as a whole.