About Me

Empowering you

Hi, my names Becky but most people know me as Bexx.
I started my journey in tattooing in 2008 at Micky Sharpz old shop in Birmingham UK.  I received a very traditional apprenticeship that was extremely tough at times, but I made it out of the other end with an increased respect for the tattoo industry.

I moved around the UK a bit, perfecting my craft and settled in sleepy Malvern to get married and do all the grown up things you’re supposed to do over the age of 30.

I started Number Nine Tattoo as a private Tattoo studio in 2014, and I am based in a cosy, private room in the same premises.

My interest in medical tattooing began, when a client asked me to ‘fix’ her failed Areola tattoos.  I have never been so terrified but I did my best with the knowledge I had at the time.

In 2019, I decided to take additional training in medical tattooing with a particular interest in improving scars.  My personal tattoos, although of a decorative nature, are covering scars from my past and I found the confidence I gained by not being reminded of a troubled teen life, extraordinary.  I wanted to offer this to my clients too, and I am aware that not everyone wants body art coverage like myself.  Camouflaging and improving scars, is something I feel very honoured to be able to offer.

I joined ART as a certified Areola artist in late 2019.  ART is very important to me, as it really does set a very high standard of work, understanding of breast reconstruction and the different techniques required to create a permanent and realistic Nipple and Areola complex successfully with minimal damage to the skin. 

I meet so many strong people in my career, and all of them inspire me each and every day.  My mission is to empower as many people as I can.  Confidence is key, and if there is anything I can help with to ensure people are enjoying life to the full then it is my vocation to do so.