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Fancy Nancy

My channel is strictly for the mind, body and soul. I post videos evolved around my personal skill sets or what is requested. 😁

How to Bleach Knots on a Lace Front/Closure

Homemade Fruit Bowl

How use a Wand Curler /Styling a Kinky Straight Wig

About My Podcast

Restrictedly Unspoken

To began I would like to explain what Restrictedly Unspoken means. I came up with the name when I was trying to come up with something that represented my position as a black woman. While reflecting I realized I always felt black women are naturally outspoken. Which is frowned upon by the world because people don’t want to be called out for their wrong doings. Leading to society placing these passive restrictions on what us black women/people can say or do. Yet no matter how much they try to quiet us down we remain out spoken.
My reasons for creating Restrictedly Unspoken was to challenge my own knowledge. I wanted to share the things I’ve read in books and learned in school about mental, physical and financial health. This is my way of helping the people around me limit excuses and find resources to achieve their goals. Even if that means organizing our mental state as well. PSA for closing I do not speak on anything I haven’t experienced and if I want to speak on something like that I find someone who has experienced it.


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About Me

Who is Nancy?

Hello my name is Nancy I am a 21 year old 3rd year at Holy Names University. I am currently transferring to Sacramento State University, where I plan to graduate as a Business Management and Marketing Major. Due to marketing being my passion I took it upon myself and kick my dreams off early. As of right now I have a business called Fancy Nancy Industry on all platforms. What does my company do you ask? We make custom design graphic clothing such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweats, and much more. Majority of my designs are created by me however, I do branch out and link with other graphic designers from time to time. I decided to pursue my dreams of F.N.I after learning so much about business management and wanting to apply the knowledge. Yet, I came up with the thoughts of F.N.I in 2016 (high school). Feel free to support me and check out @Fancy Nancy Industry.
In addition to all of this I have my own Black Girl Magic Podcast, called Restrictedly Unspoken. On my podcast I give educational tips in regards to mental, physical and financial literacy. I chose to make to a podcast to challenge the things I know and force myself to learn more. Meaning the more I know the more I can share. I also hunt down guest speakers like “natural medicine Guru’s” and prosperous black men in the military with businesses. Restrictedly Unspoken has been active for a few months now and all I can say is “As I grow, my podcast will grow”. I appreciate you taking time out your day to read this, I hope it provided some closure with who I am. ❤️ Feel free to follow I follow back!